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Thread for all dance floor and DJ related discussions!

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Bump! Some questions for the dancefloor/sound lead(s)

Sound system rental? Should we rent the soundsystem at the venue and if so what will it cost? What are our alternatives if it’s too expensive?

Placement? Whare do you think is the best place for the dancefloor to avoid disturbing the rest of the event? I would recommend at least a few hundred sqm so everyone who want to dance can fit in the decorated/designated area at peak hours.

I would have the dancefloor in one of the smaller areas inside the main hall. Probably where NEW HOURS usually have their “chillout” area (inside the smaller second dancefloor).

Map again with some areas names for easier communication. I think D would be the best placement for the dancefloor :slight_smile:


Is ~100 sqm enough though? It gets really cramped when 200 people want to dance in the Techno Temple at Blivande and I can’t imagine it being a good idea to squeeze 500 people together in “D”

Thanks for the questions!

First we’ll try to source as much equipment as possible from people who are going to attend. I know there were opinions there’s no way we can source a full blown PA - then again in my previous burner experience there’s usually only the odd cable missing 5 minutes before the first DJ is scheduled to get on. Some burners go as crazy as bringing an F1 system from the club they are running.

We currently have people who feel like building parts of the PA themselves. There’s always an option to rent and this will be a backup option if all else fails.


Re Placement: D sounds reasonable for this moment. But I can also imagine placing the stage along the top side of E, blasting towards D.

And obviously, we can place the stage at F but at the moment it seems it would be an overkill.

Forgot to mention. F is currently taken up by a bar structure built of euro-palets that we might want to use. It can also be moved of course, just wanted to let you know :slight_smile:

Humm, we might build the stage in front of the bar, so people might see the stage from a different perspective when going for drinks? :wink:

We’ll see!


When we were kicking off the dancefloor discussion on Facebook, most of the people reaching out were DJs who are eager to play. In fact, there were more than we will be able to accomodate. This is why we are starting with an application process, right here right now!

Don’t hesitate and go ahead, send us a recording or mix (of you) that’s dearest to your heart. The chances are the same for everybody:

(Deadline for submissions is 20/03/2020)

PS The bars (there’s one at F and one in the A-room) are VERY MOVABLE and can be arranged and placed wherever we want. That’s just where they are placed now.

If you want to place a scene at E blasting towards D, I guess we COULD also look into options of partly dividing the room somehow somewhere along where the 14,5-line is now, to get more “rooms” and a more flowy feeling.


Filip speaks the truth as always :+1:
I like the idea of E towards D. Calmer dreams can hide in the smaller rooms :slight_smile:

@CheesyG, I think it’s a good idea to post the link in the fb group/event as well. Might take a while for people to find it otherwise

Yes @Wanda, I plan to. I just want to keep some time between announcements on FB so it’s not too many at the same time

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Yes, good idea. I’m in the same situation, still want to post about the leads but don’t want to take away the attention to the even more important posts :smiley:

If you guys feel this way, let’s put combine the updates and write our first newsletter :slight_smile:

It could be divided in segments, with a headline saying from which lead it’s from together with some more general information in the beginning with links and ticket info etc.

@filipnystrom do you have the Mailchimp account information somewhere?

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Oh I do. Gotta look it up though. When do we want to send?

If we wait til we have booked a date for a meeting at the venue, it would be great to include that.

Sounds good! Gives the people who has updates to share some time to write as well :slight_smile:

Amazing idea guys!
I still think we can span out some posts on FB (1 per day) + do a comprehensive newsletter for maximum impact.

@Wanda let me know if you want some help to create that drawing, i could also tweak the techncal drawing so it is slightly mroe obvious in terms of color etc. basically i would also redraw it as vectors. Write me a pm/dm on Messenger.

Please update this drawing to whatever the reality is :slight_smile: