Creation of Electronics Manifesto & Payment Information 🔥

I am working on signage for the Electronics space!


A manifesto is a published declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government. A manifesto usually accepts a previously published opinion or public consensus or promotes a new idea with prescriptive notions for carrying out changes the author believes should be made. It often is political or artistic in nature, but may present an individual’s life stance. Manifestos relating to religious belief are generally referred to as creeds.

So far I have only added some points from Corita Kent, but will add as I go. My intention is to print an A2 and have it visible in the Electronics space (inside or outside). This document should also include some practical information.


I believe it’s important for us to have a shared guideline that we can agree and/or disagree with. Some kind of motivation and/or point of departure.

FYI I am making this specifically for the Electronics room but if people agree it could be for all of Tau.



I am also making a clear sign declaring the obligations regarding financial compensation for use of materials in Tau (again, specifically the Electronics room). Below is a sketch.


A lot of the items in that space are mine that I am happy to share, not give away, but share. It’s there for the space to have everything required for work, and that’s how I would personally want it to stay. In order for us to replenish items etc. we have to have some kind of economy going.

Happy to have a discussion / input on how this could be made / written. I have used the Should I Work For Free poster as a reference.. FYI I believe we should have a Tau Swish for materials!

Any thoughts @Ollxor @ubbesen?


Looks good, and in line with how I see things. My gear and consumables can be part of this structure.

Thanks for doing this and making decisions!

Great stuff! We should have the same system but different Swish for woodworking room and other equivalent spaces.

Rad, will print mid October!

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Just checked out the electronics room for the first time – really impressive!!

Have a bunch of questions – is there thicker wire than the wire hanging on the wall? Is there electrical tape? What is “free for the taking” vs. “need to reimburse?” Are the tools in the locked tool-chest for the lock owner only? And more generally I’d love a tour of what’s in the room and what belongs to whom. Also, curious who to reimburse… And what stuff is communial/pay-for vs. communal/free vs private…

Anyway, it seems like Jonas is the primary organizer, is that right? If so, is there anytime you’ll be around and could give a “tour” of the room’s contents?

Cool stuff, thanks so much for organising – Jonas & Christian – hopefully got that right :slight_smile:


Hey buddy! Welcome :slight_smile:

  1. You can see the Poster (that I will print and put up) with directions, but for now, please do make use of what you need and if you believe it to be of considerable monetary value (like, 1m LED-strip is about 100 SEK) then you could create an Electronics Materials-thread here and just post an image for documentation.

I’d love to sit down and go through the room and also discuss things like this before we put a rigorous system in place. Truth be told, I am just now finishing up a year long project and after the 21st of October I will have the time required for such activities :slight_smile:


Sounds like a super hero! :smiley:

  1. The key is “hidden” in plain sight, you can find it in the boxes on the shelf.

  2. Electrical tape is in the white box named “TAPE” :slight_smile:

  3. If it has a name on it, it’s someones, otherwise it’s communal. HOWEVER, the Sortimo colourful boxes are mine and the content is precious, but I am happy to lend it to whoever is in need. And generally anything that is not organized and has a big label on it, like “TAPE” is not up for grabs as I have yet to go through it.

  4. Regarding thicker wire I think there’s a big white box that just says Cables or Wires… Unsure, but it should have it. The big white boxes is where you should be looking :smiley:

So, in short:

Electrical tape, yes, in the box. What’s communal? Everything that is organized in such a way that others can easily use the materials without question. Is there thicker wire? I think there should be yes, however if I labeled it yet is… uncertain. Can we meet? I’d love to!! After the 21st, I’ll make an announcement :smiley:

Please add me on Facebook if you use it, and click Messenger.


Tape in the box marked “tape” – surprising but hopefully with enough time I can learn your counter-intuitive system.

Awesome, thanks! Look forward to chatting after the 21st!



I was a bit unclear with the boxes on the shelf, so the red/blue small parts-boxes on the tool-shelf (where the office chairs are). The top left.