Crafting the Dreams intro text

We should write a text to introduce Frihamnstorget Dreams!

Example from the Borderland:

@MariaEuler knows what’s up!


How to dream with PLATO

Dreams with the PLATO project are not about shadows on the wall, but about how to realise your project ideas.
To do so we employ a community crowdfunding system.
You get access to this system via your membership or ticket.
Once you have access to the Dreams platform you can do two amazing things:

  1. Touch other Dreams: You can vote for the dream of other an thuss allocate funds to them. You can also give constructive feedback and encouraging comments.
  2. Create your own Dream: You can set up and publish your own dream to get help, feedback and funds from the community.

write one line tone setters.

Ping @jakobskote, let’s draft here :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Frihamnstorget! A new meeting place for art, crafts, creativity and events just north of Gärdet in Stockholm. On this platform we propose ideas, sketch projects and co-create amazing art. Do you have an idea for a project you want to create at Frihamnstorget? This is the place to propose it and apply for funding. Read the “About” section to get an idea of how the process works.

draft @MariaEuler

I have added this text now, @MariaEuler, you are an admin of the event so you can update it.1

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