Covid-19 guidelines for the autumn/winter 2020/2021

The Covid-19 infections are on the rise again as we move into the autumn of 2020 and move indoors more. The Node is an important community for us, especially when the season turns darker and we long for belonging and experiences with other people. We need to discuss reasonable precautions to limit Covid-19 infections at the Node events.

Stopping the spread of infectious diseases completely is not realistic. If two people decides to curl up in a sofa together, and one of them happens to be unknowingly contagious, the other person could catch the bug. If we want to keep the Node open, we need to accept some level of risk, and rely on each individual’s responsible behaviour. (WASH YOUR HANDS, ETC ETC)

But imagine a more extreme situation, where one infected person, with no symptoms, attend an event such as a workshop at the Node, where there’s a lot of activities including walking around and interacting with several people, and we learn three days later that 15 people have been infected. This has been known to happen when a lot of people are doing things such as choir singing (REFERENCE) or traveling on a bus (REFERENCE) and being in close proximity to each other, doing a lot of talking or singing together.

We need to take our civic responsibility to limit the risk of a massive infection of a lot of people happening, and I propose we come up with some simple guidelines based on scientific facts and recommendations from the authorities.

The spreading of the Corona virus can happen in multiple ways, but the primary transmission happens through droplets or aerosol through our respiratory system (REFERENCE). This means being in close proximity to each other while talking, singing, breathing extensively increases the risk of infectious transmission dramatically. Physical distance is of essence to keep down the risk of a massive infection event and can be the difference of infecting one or two people or infecting 15 people. This difference matter.

With the current recommendations from the public health agency in Sweden, we are allowed to have up to 50 participants at an event, but given that the rooms at the Node are relatively small we usually keep the limit to less than this. We might need to decrease the number of participants for some events even further, for some workshops to as little as 10 or 15 people in total.

I propose guidelines when planning an event such as these - but please do comment on them so we can figure out a reasonable level for the various kinds of activities we run at Noden:

  • It should be able to talk to other people and keep a distance of at least 1 metre (or more?) apart (meaning it can’t be too loud in the room)

  • Events with physical exercise, breathing workshops, singing workshops and the like need to keep at least 1, and probably up to 2, metres apart

  • Seminars where people are sitting in rows facing forward need to have a distance that could be shorter, maybe 1 metres or less, apart between participants

  • When posting an event online, make sure to add the suitable guidelines for the event

  • When starting an event/workshop, make sure to inform participants of the guidelines for your specific event

  • If you see an event not taking reasonable precautions, please talk to the event leaders about your concerns and reference these guidelines.


I agree that the guidelines are a reasonable measure for now and especially like the flexibility and decision making power given to the workshop holders.

@Garman should be aware of this, as he is currently answering and booking events

PS: Once we have taken a decision, which I think we should do asap, I think it would be great to post this on our blog-post-news-page


There are now stricter recommendations for Stockholm until November 19th. See more here.

How do we respond?

It’s getting serious everywhere quite quickly. To be honest I prefer being following recommendations than having to deal with restrictions on a national level.

What is Blivandes stand on it? Given that is the working space of a group of people that just by being in the house are at higher risk when Noden workshops aren ongoing.

I am sad having to face the possibility of closing down all the activities that have been flourishing. Resignation

Blivande’s stand as of now is that all parties need to make their own assessment. We don’t do Noden any favors by making the decisions on Noden’s behalf. We are an ecosystem of independent but interdependent organizations. My advice is for the Noden board to make the call about Noden activities, just like earlier this year.

Beta and Tau are largely separated from Noden, with their own entrances - with the exception of Tau members needing to use the kitchen and bathrooms. This issue is more about how Noden wants to respond to the new strong recommendations from Folkhälsomyndigheten.

Compared to last time, at least there is an initial end-date to these recommendation: November 19th.

Good to know. What is your personal opinion on the matter as a member of the Node?

My personal opinion is that Noden should follow the recommendations and cancel activities until November 19th.

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This requires quick attendance. Ping @rogerb @SimianSon @maria.eckerberg @Zahra @ubbesen

I agree with Hugi. Cancel everything that can’t move online.

I agree as well, the recommendations from the local authorities are very clear and we need to follow them.

I hope we can have a good community discussion about how we deal with the situation after the 19th November, and engage the community in creating more online activities again.

well now there is strict recommendations so how do we do
Close down events for 3 weeks as many others out there

I think its the most responsible action as everybody likes to be close in House Blivande

It looks as we all agree that it would be good to postpone/cancel physical events until the 19th Nov.

Who is up for communicating it out to the community? I am working this weekend nights.

It would be good if the communication is an invitation to create something online and at the same time an encouragement to keep being a member of the Node, through these times.

I think it should be out in all communication channels, including website and newsletter.

I am and can co-work it with the others

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Great! Maybe you can have @Misscirkus or @filipnystrom and @ubbesen read over the texts before they go out ?

who is the best at writing a post on FaceBook?
I contact and make sure it gets don

because I’m dyslexic, I can not write public messages

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thanks for telling us your limits. Ok thi k Molly is on it right now.

Hello! Sorry if I am late, I could not answer earlier. I quickly read the discussion and I saw that the mostly agreed on following the recommendation and I also agree with that. As you mentioned the recommendations are very clear and I also think that we need to follow it ( I think it does not matter I like it or not , I think the most important thing is to follow that ).


Hi everyone.
I’ve read everything published recently by FHM and what you all have written here.
My personal (unpopular) opinion is that we should do all we can to keep physical workshops going, but to keep them well within the limitations of FHM’s new recommendations.
My reasoning behind this is that I sincerely feel that the last Node workshop shutdown nearly dealt a death-blow to our sense of active community, and it’s only been in the re-opening that we’ve seen that trend reversed. I honestly don’t know if we can handle another shutdown, especially during this cold, dark time of the year. Zoom-workshops and such will be a frustratingly inadequate substitute this time around, since the enthusiasm of creating solutions and the novelty of looking for solutions won’t be present in the same way this time.
Also, we had people in the house every day for PPE production, and because of our strict routines for hygiene this was never a problem.
I for one want to keep running workshops, but with distance, and perhaps masks required.
The Free Flow crew is meeting tonight, and we will discuss technical solutions. Right now, we are considering 2 dancefloors with max 15ppl on each, or two nights per week w max 15ppl attending. Either way, I think we can do this without a complete shutdown. LOVE!!! <3

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Thanks @SimianSon for giving us more nuance, and also for the creative work you’re doing with the workshops.

These kind of creative solutions as you’re discussing with Free Flow is exactly the kinds that I was aiming for with the original posted guidelines in this thread. I’m very happy to see that this work has started.

I agree with the mental health perspective you bring up. Noden supplies an important civic service to the society, and putting our operations to a halt should not be done lightly. I had to think this through the whole day yesterday to balance the perspectives against each other.

With that said, I want to clarify that it is not FHM’s recommendations we’re following with the proposed temporary close-down, but the local recommendations from Region Stockholm. Earlier this year the Regions didn’t have a mandate to take local action, and instead the rules where applied for the whole country by FHM. The new laws passed give us better granularity to have local recommendations where the Covid spreading is as worst. Unfortunately, Stockholm is one of those regions now.

My proposed decision was to halt the operation (all workshops etc) during the period up until 19th November, and during this time work on guidelines for how to better prepare our workshops, so we can open up again with better prepared for the tough situation will most certainly have during the long dark winter when Noden is needed the most.

Since this is a strong recommendation from the local authorities, I don’t see that we can avoid following them. We need to cut down the infectious spreading rate, and it’s going to take a toll on all of us. But if we do it, then hopefully it is only for three weeks and not for the whole winter.

Once again, I want to encourage you to continue the creative work in finding safety precautions that can keep the workshops going, it will come to good use sooner if not later!

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I’ve written a short text to post on our platforms. If someone gives me a thumbs up I’ll post it.

"Restriction time!

A communal decision has been made to cancel/postpone all workshops until the 19th of November. We want to be respectful of the new restrictions and also remember that people of privilege who might not be scared of getting sick are not the biggest victims of this pandemic, but we all play a part in this dance.

Distance love"