Coronavirus: What happens to Urban Burn 2020

Sweden’s Health Agency has upgraded the risk assessment for the coronavirus spreading to the highest level on the scale.

We need to take precautionary measures.
Here to gather your thoughts and advice on the subject before reaching a decision.

  1. First it will affect the planning meetings.
    (a) Venue planning meeting 11/03 (TODAY) - cancel or proceed ?
    (b)Noden is not running workshops until further notice, so consequently our planning meetings are cancelled until further notice.
    We can have them online instead, easy fix and we have good maps of the location.

  2. Event in April.
    I believe we need to seriously consider postponing (preferable) or cancellation.
    We have sold approx. 150 tickets so far.
    Predicting future ticket sales will also be affected by the situation.

What is important is not to spread panic and handle the situation in a pragmatic, informed, calm manner that benefits the community the most.


I think canceling the event is the most responsible thing to do. Postponing is of course preferable but we don’t know if the venue will still exist in the future.
Even if we don’t cancel it might get hard to sell the amount of tickets we need to sell, people are getting afraid and will avoid by themselves to attend large gatherings.

We need to look into whether we will have to reimburse the full amount towards the venue in the event of cancellation.

What’s important are sanitary measures, avoiding public transport, keeping a distance and avoiding crowded areas.

In case of feeling unwell, staying home and making sure to wear a mask if there are flu like systems present.

We could continue the event meet-up today but also post something about these measures- I believe WHO have good points/infographics that we can share with regards to this.

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1 (a) - let’s proceed with the meeting
1(b) - after to online or even another location
2 - I am in Favor of postponing but we should also set a deadline in the future, By which if the condition has not improved in the country then we will issue a cancellation. But I suggest we decide on this once we check the terms of agreement with the venue.

Personally, I am pretty positive and hopeful that within the next 2-3 months the situation will come under control. :slight_smile:

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After reading up more about this, I’ve come to the conclusion that we should not proceed with the event to help with mitigating the spread. Because at this point, we can only flatten the infection curve in Stockholm and try to keep it from going exponential. But this can only happen if everyone takes it seriously.

I’m not sure how it works with reimbursements, but it might be good to know that we have called the tickets “memberships”. If we had called them “tickets” we would have had to reimburse everyone.

Not sure how we should handle it though. We still need to pay BurnerTickets for example (I guess).

I agree that whatever happens, we need to focus on all the obligations we have in case we would need to cancel. At least for coming few days.

When we say reschedule - are we talking about days / weeks / months?

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If we decide to reschedule, we would have to talk to the venue if that is even possible. But neither days nor weeks makes any sense at this points. Months would be the only viable option to make sure.

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For burner tickets we pay 1 dollar per membership right? I think everyone will be happy if they get reimbursed 490 out of their 500 sek.

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Yes, at least postponing seems at the moment smart. If you do a meeting online happy to join. :slight_smile:

@filipnystrom @CheesyG @nitinmehta

If we postpone the event, it would have to be by a few months and most likely a changed venue in that case.

Our best bet currently is to gather information and numbers on how much it would cost us to cancel. Or if we postpone, whether we can reach some deal even if the same event space is not guaranteed.

We also have to look into the legalities of membership reimbursement- will we have to reimburse full costs or can we proceed by
(a) ensuring all cancellation costs are covered.
(b) reimbursing what is left.

Yes, I think the best action plan is to postpone it indefinitely and (without promising or announcing anything) aiming for end of May/beginning of June like last year. If this would work virus-wise, we will still be able to be in the same venue (if they are not fully booked by then).

Even if this blows over in a month, it will be very difficult for people to plan for it at our current dates. And it might be irresponsible to go forward at this point.

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BUT we should still have the meeting tonight. We can discuss this further there, plus talk to the venue people. And IF we will be able to be at the same venue at a later date, it’s great if more people have seen it.


Happy to read this thread! You’re making the right call.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the venue disappearing within the coming 6 months. Even if it does you have good chances of securing other venues. Ironically corona is probably the biggest threat for this venue itself right now. This cancellation/postponement being a case in point.

Burning Man is a very strong and popular brand and phenomenon, not least among property-owning rich people and their kids.