Copy of community update email (Borderland weeks and tools from Tau going on vacation)


Hello dear Blivande community!

This is just a quick briefing on some important facts to keep in mind as the house goes into BL-mode. Borderland mode can be summed up as three things:

  1. Many of us will be gathering on a field in Denmark to move things from A to B; spurred and/or hindered in this holy Sisyphean quest by various factors present.

In practice this might mean slower response times for any practical issues and questions.

Alexander Zetterberg (phone number redacted, see email) will be present contact person in the house during week 29 and Peer Norbäck (phone number redacted, see email) during week 30.

Most things should be back to relative Blivande normality from 1 Aug - assuming that we all survive Denmark.

  1. Studio Tau woodworking tools will be temporarily unavailable (from this Sunday evening 14/7 until 1/8) as they will be used in the Working Class Heroes camp and Temple of Tokamak build.

Please contact me if this causes disruptions in your build plans pre-BL. We might be able to work things out by splitting up the tool transport between different vehicles/dates etc.

  1. Most Noden workshops are paused over BL and the month of July. The only exception to this being the Monday Oxytocin massage group and some alternative Free flow-ish events.

Wishing you all a great summer!

P.S. The Flouff store up in the Beta pentry is running out of stock (only Bountys left now) so before leaving for BL I will make it my personal mission to replenish “the shelves”.

Please send me any requests of stuff to be included before Friday and I will try to make sure it is available. D.S.