Controlling flow of people in Studio room

Today I/we used the studio for some work.
The room is super cozy and will be (a small) but very nice studio room for all kind of projects, photoshoots and works.:

But today didn’t work good at all for us.

The room is a emergency exit and also a corridor to Nickes room.
That mean we can’t lock the door to keep undisturbed or focused…

Today that meant the door to the studio opened at least 40times (When we had booked the studio to do hard focus work.)

I can se this becoming a bigger issue not only for me when the studio now will be used more and more.

-If there will be a mediation group?
-Intimate photoshoots?
-Motion shooting? (Film) where you need it to be quite for the sound recording?
-Cecilia’s nude studies?

If I am gonna be able to talk to my photographer friends/colleges and attract them to rent the studio by day (for some external incomes to the house) or becoming new members, this problem must be solved first.

Any ideas from you guys how to solve this?

There is one more problem:
That is that the studio already are used as a Material/waste/electric-scooter storage room (Rasmus and I already talked about the bed so that’s cleared out) But more generally…

I have a lot of rental studio experience and I know there are only one rule that can make this work.

-When you have booked the studio and working there, it’s yours to be as messy you want but:

-When you’re not booked: Please Respect to keep it 100% clean from your stuff.

That means your (or mine) thought of putting stuff there just for a while: don’t work.
Thinking, no one use it now anyway so I can store stuff here meanwhile: don’t work.
Thinking: I leave the stuff here so I can pick it up tomorrow morning: don’t work…
Parking my rental electric scooter in the room so no one “takes it” until this afternoon: will not work…

I will not be the complaining studio manager so this is all up to us together;

Are we all up for this together or does anyone has any other experience of success solutions for my thoughts above I gladly will listen.

/ Simon

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My suggestions would be:

  • Set up room dividers that create a corridor between Nicke’s room and the door to the techno temple.
  • Make signs that inform people that a photoshoot or other sensitive work is happening, and put those signs on all three doors before starting the session.
  • Make the sign on the door to the outside also request for people to not use that door, but to rather go in through the main entrance while work is ongoing in the studio.
  • Make the sign on the door from the techno temple read that this door should not be used during the session unless there is an emergency fire alarm, or if you must get to Nicke’s room.
  • Make the sign on the door from Emanu’s room read that this door should not be used at all during the session.

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 18.37.08

Indeed, and this will also require signs - especially now in the transition period. Making those signs is a task up for grabs, but maybe @Sero can make signs that fit the graphical profile of the rest of the house? Just talk to @Simon before putting them up - maybe the doors are good since those will probably not be included in shots anyway?

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Signs on the way, agree on all of the above and we can manage this and find solutions together, please let’s not point fingers at anyone, it’s too early, the studio is finally becoming reality and we are in a learning stage.
Thanks Simon for starting this thread.


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Thanks @Simon for taking the time and energy to start this thread! I know writing on the forum isn’t easy or come natural for you.

I agree 100% both with your post and @hugi 's suggestions for solutions.

if we build room separators on wheels I recommend re-using the wall piece with “cork” sides that was in the room before and is now placed outside awaiting disposal (if it’s not too fucked up by the rain by now). It would double as wall material and acoustic improvement as well as a board where you can pin sketches, photos, moodboards etc.

Good response with creative solutions::

  • The moveable walls is a solution that helps us regarding if we want to avoid Nicke walking into sensitive happenings but it’s not a good solution when it comes to the fact it will eat very much of the already narrow space…
    I know, maybe we have to accept we can’t get it all… But the distance from Nickes door to Emanus door is just enough to shoot a portrait without using wide angle…
    If we narrow it with another metre the room is to small for most shootings…
    I mean, the moving walls are maybe the only solution we got and maybe we have to accept the room is to small for function as a photo studio? But is there any other creative solutions?

Open up a door directly to the TT (behind the piano?) could that be something?

I understand it’s not a perfect solution but since Nicke has to walk thru the TT anyway to reach toilets etc? Then we keep the m2 we got in the studio?

Perfect if you Zero can make the signs…
Always Knock etc…
Also signs about the cleaning…
So we can put them up ASAP…


This could potentially work, but I would not count on this happening anytime soon, as it would be quite expensive to open up the wall and buy and install a new door. We would also have to clear this with Stockholms Hamnar and figure out if there are any water pipes or ventilation ducts running through that wall. In short - maybe in the future, but don’t count on it for the next year.

Of course, if we find a way to fund this, it could happen more quickly - provided that it is actually possible.

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OK, great to know the physical and technical restraints in terms of photography.
What if we instead hang an L-shaped metal rail that goes from the TT-door to Nickes door, allowing for fabric to seal off the room instead? That would make for quicker and easier adjustments “in action”:

  1. Someone knocks on the TT door.
  2. The curtain is pulled up (in front of the camera mounted close to the right wall for maximum shooting distance).
  3. Nicke walks by and enters his room.
  4. Curtain is pulled back and the shooting continues.

A door directly between Nickes room and the TT is not possible short term as Hugi has explained, but let’s revisit it in the future. In the future though I would much rather expand the Studio into that room, since it’s already borderline too small as you describe. Nicke would have to get his own container out by the square instead. :slight_smile:

Great inputs… Both the door directly from TT and the extended studio is good options to make the studio more “professional”

If there are no pipes or ventilation in the walls there is not that of a big think to open it up and put a door there. The main problem is what I believe the harbour… But if they say yes I can mount it in in two days…

But until then…(if)

I see two different situations to deal with.

1 if the studio is suppose to attract external use
2 if we shall accept the studio is for internal use only…

So… First we maybe should decide whatever we want to build the studio to attract professional shootings… (like commercial jobs with paying clients) It could involve members or external incomes…
In that case the fabric solution don’t work good… When lightshaping a setup it’s most likely you will have one or several light stands in the corners of the room…
Is won’t work to move them anytime Nicke walks thru… I have been shooting both stills and motion in the space and it’s very narrow as it is…

But that’s a professional point of view…
So my belief is that we might has to accept that we can’t rent it out to professional shooings until we have opened the door or arranged a container for Nicke etc…

But. For internal members use maybe the fabric is the best option for now.
We all know that guy walking in and out with a cup of tea :slight_smile: and can handle it…
That Nicke (and everyone else) has to knock before entering the studio is a must…
I mean it would help avoidIng embarrassed nude male models :slight_smile:

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