Container setup and placement

Latest setup for Frihamnestorget.

Container list:
A - “Up for grabs” / Exhibition Space for Blivande
B - Cafe
C - Art space, no plan for 21st, art installation by Hanakin Oct - Dec, then maybe Robert
D - Nicke & Jakob plant container
E - The “nice” container. Beckmans outside, SH inside for 21st, then office?
F - WCH Container
G - The Space Container
H - Theo’s container
IJKL - Simon & Frida’s Containers

Nothing cut in stone so please suggest radical changes and tiny alterations. In the Frihamnstorget room in Tau we have some scale models that are good to play around with to get a feel of the setup.

I also realise I have forgotten to add The Borderland container, where do we put it?

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will all be set up by the 21st or are there multiple stages?

All of those containers will be in place on the 21st, though perhaps not all of them will be painted and some will be empty. A possible exception is the IJKL block, which might possibly arrive later.

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Looks Awsome! Can’t wait until our “pink box” is on place… Is there anything we can do to speed up the delivery to match the 21th?

Placement of the two (three) BL-related containers isn’t great in terms of easy pickup next July. In that regard it would be better to have them at the current Beckmans and Theo locations. On the other hand the Space dome would of course be taken down as well, improving access somewhat.

I would place the yellow BL container either as a “back” of the skate ramp, parallel to H alternatively building an L with the Space container G towards IJKL.

Another interesting idea is to place it side by side with A to create a much larger atrium on top. Nice place for cafe tables and chairs.

Theo needs constant car access to his container throughout the year, so H needs to be very accessible. E will have activities in it and be painted, so it would be a shame to hide it in the back. I think that as long as the BL containers are accessible we should keep them in the back as much as possible as they won’t be used.

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Yes, I agree, it was argued merely from the BL perspective, hence the “in that regard”. I wonder if we should keep or remove the fence towards the G building? What did we conclude about that last time it was discussed?

The truck is arriving tonight at 18.30, just spoke to the driver now, so I need feedback on my suggestions above regarding the yellow BL container. Side by side with A (not sure this would allow enough space for easy access to the center/dome) or parallel to H? Or the L-solution with the Space container? Or something else completely?

Depends on what you are prepared to pay for the containers I would say. Containertjänst seems to be out of the “cannon fodder” ones, which are the cheap ones. If you go up to 12-20 KSEK per container they would have more available. You can of course also reach out to other supplies. There are usually a couple of 20’ containers on sale on Blocket in the Stockholm region. Standard price is usually around 15-20 KSEK.

Made new maps and sketches now. Should I make a new thread or update this one? What is best forum practice?

As it is now there is space between H and E for a third container. I placed the E container to enable this when it arrived. I think we should make use of it, no? One of the BL containers could go there for example. Or maybe a better, insulated one that could house the laser cutter?

H hasn’t arrived yet, it’s Theos container!

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Ah of course!

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