Concrete canvas wall installation

Hej all!


I’m working on a prototype/demonstrator for my PhD and I was looking for spaces to put it. It will be approx 4m wide by x 2.5m tall wall, made up of smocked concrete fabric (CC) with a metal frame.

Above are some small-scale tests with the actual fabric, un-cured

Here’s my PhD insta if you want to get a feel of what it looks like. It will be assembled in 1m wide panels and then joined with bolts, and have water sprayed on it to harden. I’ll have a metal frame to hold it in place while it is hardening.

Would this potentially something Frihamnstorget/containerville would like to have?


Awesome! Think it would be great to have at Frihamnstorget!

Yeah, right on! Love it. Would look great at Frihamnstorget.

ok now that 'rona things are dying down I’m gonna start back up with this next month. Does anyone have any thoughts in terms of placement, given the new “making the square look extra nice” developments? @hugi @hampus @Linnea @bobspeakman @NinaLindberg @Thedodod @jakobskote @Ollxor @Joannis-Magnus @MariaEuler @Sero @elch etc.


super cool!
I love the small anamorphic small tests!
can we make a couple of triangles empty so you can put your head in? like a photo wall?

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Add it to Dreams to we can have the overview of what is planned! :slight_smile:

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Looks like an amazing project @annielocke. Really really cool if you want to put it on the square!

Excited to play with it.
placement is a little tricky, everything is quite spread out around the square, too many large open spaces.
I could imagine it as a backdrop to a “lounge" so that it feels like it has its own space and purpose.
Something colonial and rich and opulent to contrast with the austere concrete.

first picture that I found, not really what I imagined but enough of the flavour.
yeah just some random thoughts

I appreciate random thoughts! :smiley:

Will look something like the one on the right, but with larger smocks/folds like the one on the left


Will it have a frame like the one on the left or the one on the right?

I agree with Bob that placement is a bit tricky and will require some thought. Fun challenge though!

  • Is there a point to having it accessible on both front and back? Or could it be placed next to a wall for example?

  • Is the curvature of how it meets the ground fixed or could that be adapted to for example the curbstone or something like that?


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Frame staying is not planned (base would stay but frame is only for placement, would only stay if it had structural problems when curing.

It is meant to be accessible on both sides, aka there is no “front” since one side is the hexagonal triangle tessellation and the other is the more blobby smocks

Bottom shape is a sine wave, pattern is done and ready to go. Could consider adapting a different curve but highly unlikely as that would have needed to be done months ago.


OK, thanks! Will start thinking about it based on these parameters.

How high will it be?

4m long, 2m tall, and just under 2m wide

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