Concrete canvas wall installation

Hej all!


I’m working on a prototype/demonstrator for my PhD and I was looking for spaces to put it. It will be approx 4m wide by x 2.5m tall wall, made up of smocked concrete fabric (CC) with a metal frame.

Above are some small-scale tests with the actual fabric, un-cured

Here’s my PhD insta if you want to get a feel of what it looks like. It will be assembled in 1m wide panels and then joined with bolts, and have water sprayed on it to harden. I’ll have a metal frame to hold it in place while it is hardening.

Would this potentially something Frihamnstorget/containerville would like to have?


Awesome! Think it would be great to have at Frihamnstorget!

Yeah, right on! Love it. Would look great at Frihamnstorget.