Comunication crew meeting 22.10.2020

  • Keep Trello and clean it up (Diana and Molly will meet to do that)

  • Starting up a web crew - members Maria, Diana, Filip, Garman

  • No need to search for more members now, but if someone is engaged and want to join they are welcome.

  • Answering emails should change every 3 months. A scheduale will be made for answering Facebook messages as well. Filip will make a dokument and post in the forum. Diana will take the first month.

  • Diana and Garman will work on a facts list about what knowledge is needed for answering email.

  • Matilda will check with Roger how the mailchimp list is updated. If possible one should automatically be added to the mailchimplist when you become a member + anyone could subscribe to the newsletter on the website.

  • Diana will make a poll about a non-meeting-meeting to hang out, drink wine and enjoy each other!!! <3<3<3

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