Company credit with suppliers


We now have 50.000 SEK of credit with Bauhaus. This means that I can add whoever wants to go buy the equipment we need, and Blivande will get the invoice. We got the credit very easily, so if you find another store that you want me to apply for credit from, let me know.

This credit only means that we can buy for up to that amount on on invoice.



Our van is slowly but steadily descending into malfunction, otherwise I would have suggested a date for a group excursion. Anyone else with a suitable vehicle that we can borrow? I will ask Simon.


Cowabunga indeed! I could most likely organise a van, but I need to check if it has back seats. Otherwise people will need to get to Bauhaus on their own. From lots of personal experience I heavily advise against going to Bauhaus Bromma. Länna or Barkarby are good ones.
I would suggest getting credit in Hornbach as well. In my own experience (again, only speaking for myself) it us much better place for a lot of stuff than Bauhuas, since it targets professionals more.
Depending on how much we are planning to do, it might be worth considering getting an account in professional only shop, like Optimera.


@hampus - re disintegrating van - I know of a very good reasonably priced car mechanic that I can recommend. He does diagnosis and repair pricing for free, too.


Oh yes!!! That sounds like a blessing. Please connect me with him as soon as possible! @LinearMilk

Can you look into getting us credit at Hornbach, @hugi?


Yes, will do! Can check Optimera too.



Olsonce AB.
Söderbymalmsvägen 6A
136 44 Handen

08-604 99 99

The guy running is called Marius, you can say you heard about him from me, might get a discount or something :wink:


Big thank you! Will call him right away.


I will get credit at Hornbach tomorrow. They allow for 60 day invoices and possibility pay in instalments over three months. Their service seems really good too. Delivery of anything, anywhere. Personal service and support when calculating material quantities and qualities.

However, we probably won’t get much credit until next year.

Du som har ett nystartat företag kan max få 15.000 kr i beviljad kredit.


Can we add information like our client number here or can that be abused?

Would be good with some place member’s only to store semi-sensitive information. Right now Hugi and I are bottlenecks for this kind of thing. Jakob needed the info today while at Bauhaus for example and I didn’t answer in 20 mins. Can of course be avoided with better planning but that’s easier said than done. A sort of non-public wiki with this kind of stuff would be helpful.


Yes. What I can do is to have a group only accessible to a trusted group and keep info there in a wiki. Feel free to start it in our closed core group and I’ll move it once I get around to creating the new protected group.