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Hello everyone!

I invited members of the board to the communication group and threads to be able to communicate for example numbers of the fundraiser and other questions that might arise. I don’t see a point of not including the board in conversation, if we need in the future a more private space, we can ask for it (we are public anyways for anyone to read).

So I Have added


Perfect I belive we need transparency even if we have different resposabilaty

Personly I have a question that I not sure who can answer
As I am taking care of the Noden mail (task I like) I get request from members to set up event under Noden.
I have booked several all ready in the calender
Same time this event hosting people have severel question like how bigg is that room, can we use the PA and so on and l started to find out the answers to this question but at the same time I become more and more as a event “manager”
So my question is it OK?
Is there already somone respisibal for this?
Do you won’t somone to take this position or shall we leave them to find out them self?

I like the task so it’s no problem for me but I can’t just create a roll like this if it’s against other intension or plans

I don’t know if it’s a question for the com crew or the bord

@Garman 073-613 29 21

Thank you, Diana.
I have the role as treasurer for the Node, meaning I have insight into all the financial information (and do the actual book-keeping and such). If you need any financial information to be used in the communication, please let me know. It’s usually very simple for me to pull it out for you.

The “event manager” is maybe the most important role we have at the Node, but I’m not aware of if someone else is doing this or how it’s working… It’s important we schedule events in a good way and all the practical things, but what is really important is to check the intention of the event holder. We have had situations where people want to hold seminars that are not in line with the values of the Node, for instance having a commercial interest or selling something, and someone need to be making sure these events are not accidentally accepted and scheduled.

Agree 100%, hence my question.
From this post, I conclude that no one has the role right now.
I am happy to take on the task, but if there is someone more experienced who is willing to jump in, I will step aside.
Have a habit of organizing and verifying with parties to avoid it going wrong.
As I wrote, however, I am not clear if this is a matter for the board or the communication crew group, so hope someone with more transparency can handle this