Co-Created Advanced Swedish Course

Hello fellow future Swedes,

This week, I tried to register myself to SFI’s course “svenska som andra språk”- C1/C2 level, a tedious and complicated process that made me realize, that I can probably self-study in a more productive and flexible way by myself. The only thing I am really looking for is the kind of accountability, that taking a course makes you develop towards the teacher and the group.

Thus, I decided to take action and lead a Co-created Advanced Swedish Course.
Due to Corona and to have maximal flexibility the course will be online.

This course is directed for those that can already understand and speak a lot of Swedish and wish to get to a higher level of proficiency

I recommend you to have at least B1 if not B2/C1/C2.

I have opted for the following format:

  1. Every second Wednesday (1,3): Online Meet-Up and discussion about a specific topic, political question, philosophy question. Something that challenges us out of our linguistic comfort zone of every day life conversations. The question will be set the week before so that we have time to think about it. We will use the Noden Zoom account for this (Duration 2h)

  2. Every other second Wednesday (2,4): Submission of a written text 500-1000 words in the forum regarding an assay or short story we read together to learn to express opinion in written form. We can help each other by reading one assay of one other member of the group. The text is going to be announced before. Here, we could ask more help from the community and native speakers to correct.

  3. Suggested 2x 1,5 additional individual study time per week, meaning reading books, learning vocabulary and even viewing and reviewing movies. This is done by everyone alone. I am going to take this very seriously personally because I really want to improve my skills and encourage you to do it to.

I want to have a start up meeting (1h in Zoom) to pick the first short story and question for the discussion, then get started:

Tuesday 24.11.2020 20:00

This course is an invitation to you to join me on a journey that I will be doing anyways, so there is no incentive for me to be strict or running behind anyone that might want to join. It is also ok to join for a period. I think there are many of us who’s learning curves have stagnated with time and that want to be fluent and eloquent adults in this country we have made our own.

Last comment! This is a Noden workshop, so you should be member of the Node.

Hugs, Di