Christmas Market planning!

Main thread for planning the Christmas Market. This context is a wiki that can be edited by everyone, so edit it and ad all relevant information and decisions.


14-18 christmas market, artshow, glöggcuddles

14- live graffiti

15 (ca) lucia performance

15.30-18 christmas workshop

So the event is officially up and running, you Can find it at

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Sooo we have a few questions!

One of the students asked for one side of a container to make a live graffiti painting, would that be possible?

Also it seemed like, on the meeting, that we could maybe have one of the containers as a showroom for some art, is that still possible?

Is anyone of you guys going to be there the 14/12? Like idk laser cutting/metalworking guys, or is it just going to be our school? We are open to any of those options, would just like to know :slight_smile:

More questions to come, stay tuned🙌


Welcome to the forum @Smillan!

But there would be no promises made about the permanence of the result, so the artist would have to be OK with the possibility of it being painted over at some point. Could be sooner or later or never.

Yes, the container Amandus is currently painting is empty and available.

Yes, I will be there at least. Let’s ask @elch if he has time too. Would be a good opportunity to demonstrate the CNC plasma that students could rent for projects at the school.

Pictures for u all!

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