Car for beta and tau


I have a car that i could add to the list of things that studio tau and beta has to offer. U
It’s a 1990 Toyota Camry, or a forever machine. It has pull-hook ( trailer connection) and is in general a great machine without any advanced technology.

Good to drive
Cheap to fix
Durable machine
Pull hook

No cup holder in the front seat
Runs on gasoline
Has some rust (could be fixed fairly easily)
Lock on driver side door is broken


Is is manual or automatic transmission?


Its manual transmission


Would be great to have access to!

You wanted 500 SEK per month for this, right? Would that money then go into a repair fund or something like that? Or what would be the deal if/when it needs repairs?
The congestion tax/trängselskatt needs to be sorted as well. I guess people could log whenever they use the car in a dedicated thread here on the forum or something.


Sorry for the late reply!
The 500 SEK is not going to a fund but rather I recommend a donation swish for reparations. I don’t plan on it needing repairs, but that’s just me being faithful in my car :stuck_out_tongue: .

The trängselskatt could also be swished to the same number (mine) with a specific text to mark it as trängselskatt / rapair-donation an I put the money in a separate account.

I can put the car there any day you please, right now I have a spot for it in Solna so it’s no stress, I just want it to be used and loved :slight_smile: and to share my resources with people I like :slight_smile:


Cool! I’ll let you know. It would be after BL anyway…