Cafe Furniture

We want to buy some nice cafe furniture. I’m looking into different options.

QUESTION: Do we have any budget for this?

Not really, but it’s obviously a matter of what we give priority. Since Frihamnstorget has no income yet, the expenditure would be coming from money we would otherwise spend on the house or the container workshop. And we have a lot of things to do there too.

But I’m also wondering - is it smart to buy cafe furniture now before the winter? What’s the benefit of doing it now, instead of in the spring?

One option could be to raise money for the square through a Christmas market fundraiser?


Maybe it’s not a priority. Would make the cafe site look a bit nicer though.

Exilens Idea.

Found these for 500kr each. Expensive but nice.

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Are we thinking to store these when not in use or have a more 24/7 type of furniture so that the square can be used as a resting place/meeting place also when it’s unmanned? I would opt for the latter.

I’ve been thinking about talking to SH about lending otherwise unused outdoor furniture such as park benches to the square. There are for example two big and completely redundant wood benches situated side by side outside of the gym hall. I’m sure there are other example elsewhere in the harbor.

And what could we build ourselves?
“Weld your own cafe furniture workshop!”?

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