Cacao ceremony

I have had a conversation with Hugi about starting up Cacao ceremonies at Blivande.
My approach is with reverence to and respect for ancient wisdom and practice from both the mayans and indigenous tribes of the Amazon forest.
I find that the ceremonial cacao space, to some extent, is having the same potential as ayahuasca ceremonies. And thus I approach this work with deep reverence.

I have not yet any clear insight as to what we can expect of participant rates, and therefore it is hard to commit to a fixed rent from day one.
We would probably be at least 3 to 6 people hosting the ceremony.

These are some of the basics:

Participants: 20-45
Estimated time:
A friday night
Arrival 18-19
Ceremony 19-23ish
23-24 goodbye
00-01 packup and closing

Minimum 35 days announcement of event in advance is preferred.

I would probably aim at X amount of dates, and then would hope to agree on a percentage of income to venue.

I am naturally open to dialogue :pray:t3::v:t3::heart::earth_americas::heart::v:t3::pray:t3:


Like I’ve said before, I think it could be a good fit for Blivande. However, I see some possible hurdles, mostly related to money. Talking about money is uncomfortable in our circles, but when running a huge project like Blivande, you can’t avoid the subject. My strategy is usually to just lay all the numbers out on the table and make our needs clear.

Our fixed monthly costs are 140.000 SEK. That does not include any salaries for us running the space, but once we break even we also need to start paying ourselves. One important source of income is events. Since the Node rents the space Monday to Thursday night, every other Saturday and every Sunday, we only have one or two nights a week to get event income for Blivande.

When we rent the space out for parties, our standard price is 15.000 per night to rent all three rooms. Sometimes we cut deals for friends and community members, or only rent out part of the space, bringing the price down. We have pretty much stopped taking the risk of profit sharing events, and made it clear to organizers that we need to be paid regardless of the profitability of the event. Running events takes physical and mental a toll on our health and wellbeing, as we (almost exclusively @hampus and @Linnea at this point) have to be in the house all night and usually have to do quite a lot of cleaning, even when the organizers clean there is usually some more work to be done to get the space ready for co-working the following day.

These ceremonies are different in that we don’t need to work as much, and that’s good. They also only use a single room, which makes them easier to run. However, since they need peace and quiet it restricts what we can do in the other rooms at the same time. We’re still in early days, and we’re not fully booked on Fridays, so this might be a way to have a more diverse range of activities happening in the evenings under the Blivande banner. I could envision us doing a trial run once, with a profit-sharing model, to see how it works. This decision lies more with @hampus and @Linnea though, as they are more in charge of the events than I am.

If we were to run this as a reoccurring event, I think we would need to aim for these events generating 5000 SEK per night for Blivande. I’m not sure what participants are usually charged, but now that you know what our needs and constraints are, perhaps you’re able to see if you think it would be possible under these conditions?

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Hello @Rumzar!

I would only add to Hugi’s post that there would be cleaning cost in addition to the 5000 KSEK minimum. It would land somewhere between 750-1500 SEK depending on how much work you will be doing yourselves. It has so far never happened that we didn’t have to do our own cleaning after an event, regardless of what the organizers stated beforehand. So we just go for our own mandatory cleaning fee, even if it might frustrate the 1% that actually would have cleaned properly.

My recommendation to you would be that you rent two rooms, and that we would give you a discount on the second room, paying 7500 KSEK for both excluding cleaning costs. This in order to have one strictly ceremonial room and a social lounge room with refreshments where you start the event.

But we’re open to negotiation of course. Maybe you would want to make use of your time in Stockholm to also host a party the following day? Then we could look into a package deal for the weekend.

Haha I love you guys. Thank you for straight forward answers and not too much BS’ing. I will look into it and get back. But am intent on bringing this out to more people :v:t3::heart::earth_americas:


Looking forward to hearing back from you!

The techno temple room is slated to be painted and decorated as a jungle FYI.

This subject has not been forgotten, but I am focusing on Copenhagen based initiatives at the moment, and do not wish to take it upon myself alone with all responsibilities and expenses, and thus am patiently awaiting to see if this can or will unfold.