Bylaws 2021

Here is the work document where we update the draft bylaws. The version in the document is the one that will be proposed during the EGM. If you think it should be different, please comment in this thread (including how you’d like the text to be, and why).

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Damnit, now it should work

I still recommend against having the principles in the bylaws and instead just making a decision at the AGM to adopt these principles as a guiding document for the association. Some reasons for this are as follows:

  • Bylaws are supposed to be an unambiguous legal document, while principles are ambiguous by design.
  • We might want to change the definitions or even add principles in the future, and it seems overkill to modify the bylaws to do this. Regularly updating bylaws leads to the situation that the Borderland is currently in, where nobody even remembers which is the correct version anymore.
  • Mixing languages in the document is ugly.

I would thus leave it at this:

  1. Ändamål

Föreningen har som syfte att främja medlemmarnas och allmänhetens intresse av och deltagande i medskaparkultur.


As said before, @rogerb I very much agree with Hugi on not having principles in the bylaws.

They will evolve and change and thus will need to unnecessary workload every time the organisation morphs.

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+1 on leaving out the principles from the bylaws.

I agree with leaving the principles out of the bylaws. But I think we have another problem here. The old bylaws have a concrete purpose (to promote spirituality and syntheism). The proposed new bylaws replaces this with the 10 principles, which are super vague (too vague for bylaws). But to not replace it at all means that the only purpose of Noden is to promote co-creation culture, which is also quite vague.

I’m not sure if this is a discussion to have regarding the bylaws, and I’m not sure how concrete we need to be here. But I do think that we need to have a discussion on how to formulate the purpose of Noden in a very concrete way.


I agree that the principles should not be part of the purpose in the bylaws. If they are included, there should be eleven principles. Not just ten.

I’m totally in love with the principles. It is clear to me that they make all the difference. Without them, the community culture would not be what it is today. At all. “Föreningen har som syfte att främja medlemmarnas och allmänhetens intresse av och deltagande i medskaparkultur.” is far to vague to create a cultural direction, going forward. How about a middle way, not making the principles explicit within the bylaws however we refer to the 10 (or 11) principles until they are morphed in subsequent process, when someone wants to lead that.

Something like this: “Föreningen har som syfte att främja medlemmarnas och allmänhetens intresse av deltagande i medskaparkultur och samvaro i enlighet med (eller inspirerade av) föreningens principer.”

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I agree with this compromise, for the record.

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