Byggmax on Wednesday


@annielocke and I are going to Byggmax on Wednesday to pick up material for the Temple prototype build. Does anyone need something?

If someone has a van available for us to use then, that would be great. Otherwise we’ll get one from Sunfleet.


Hi, can you pick up 4 of these (thats 90x90x3) and 4 of theseängstång-p24083#914=15048 (thats 6mm).
Also 2 of the 2.7m of these (thats the shortest length they come in. I need 4 pieces 1.2m long.


Next time remember to make use of Joannis van which is parked outside of Blivande. Today it was used by his friend but it’s normally available if you give some heads up. @hugi


Probably would have been too small. We needed to get one that was 3.4 meter deep.

@Bjorn - Sorry but we ended up being in a hurry to return the car and were not at Byggmax in the end so would have had to find equivalents at XLBygg.


You just let it stick out from the open but secured back door, marked with something bright orange/red at the end (and remember that it’s there when you drive).

I fit in ~3 m pieces (metal covers for the office cooling system in the ceiling at Beta) the other day when going to the ÅVC, with doors closed. Just placing stuff diagonally.


Does this mean that nothing was bought that I asked for?


Unfortunately yes. Once we had all the temple stuff we were really pushing it for time to make it back before someone else was supposed to pick up the car.