Buying a container for the laser cutter

I want to go ahead and do this. But let’s have a little advice process around it first!
Can we afford it is a good first question I guess. What’s your take on it @hugi?

Guesstimated budget 25-27 KSEK for the container + window (5 KSEK) + construction materials 10 KSEK.

@elch would you be able to help me out welding the window frame? Happy to do the work if I can manage it with your guidance. We will also need heating. Do you have a bitcoin miner available for this?

Writing an email now to get an offer from Containertjänst.

Would be a cool project to try to insulate a container by ourselves. Good knowledge and XP to have. Going to contact my friend Eskil who might be able to help us with a polyurethane foam machine to get the costs down.

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It’s a really great idea. And I agree about the XP for insulation. It’s fantastic to start expanding our workshop into the containers, building knowhow about how to do this is vital. And it will pay off as it will be easier to recruit members. If this ends up costing 40 kSEK, that is the equivalent of 4 Tau members for one year. I think it’s reasonably likely that we can recruit 4 members based on the USP of having a laser cutter, so it makes economic sense too.

I think this is doable, if you can confirm with certainty that we actually don’t have to pay the real estate tax. Confirm this, and it’s a go from me.

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Email to CT sent.

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Have you emailed the person who told you about the real estate tax thing? I don’t want to place the order before this is confirmed in writing.

Can confirm, left tau due to no lasercutter.

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No problem

Is the noise an issue ? Do we have wifi or will we install it ?

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We would install wifi. We could beam it from Beta, have the parabolic antenna for it. The noise… maybe we can turn it off while we are there and temporarily replace with a normal heater?

Is it easy to turn off and reboot or does that complicate things with the mining operation?

Both the guy himself and Torbjörn our contact person told me the same thing. We talked about it for 15 mins and they had received it in writing from Skatteverket. Torbjörn is now away on a conference until Friday. Let’s just move on this, we really need the space.

Yellow container is being filled up with the stuff from the basement (I helped them out yesterday until 21) and @jakobskote needs to get out Fuktiga Frallan before Friday.


I have asked Rikard at CT for some reference prices for installing doors, windows and insulation. Here’s their prices:

Insulation 20’ container: 20 000 SEK.
Insulation 40’ container: 35 000 SEK.
Steel door (including price of door): 12 500 SEK

Still waiting for window prices.

The containers I’m currently looking at:

The burgundy 40’ and the military green/grey of them are HC (high cube) meaning that they are higher. Same model that Tobi bought.

Let me know if you estimate price of container + work will go above 40k.

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It would be 20-22 for the 40’ container. Another 15 for the yellow 20’. So yes, the total for both containers + work would exceed 40 K. I would guess 50-60 K in total for everything.

Have to look up prices for the PU foam mix that we can mix by hand. I will also contact the company Foamking that I’ve gotten recommended by my friend Eskil that works with PU foam machines.

Its no problem but I can also do something about the noise.

Maybe I could put one of my 3D printers in the container as well ?

I would recommend to buy a ready insulated container, maybe even with el.
It would be cheaper and faster, especially if we want the laser up and running soon.
We could try to insulate another container like the coffee

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this for example

Ok, I had a look at the spreadsheet, we could take that.

I’ve decided to buy the insulated container that Toby found on Blocket. 32 000 for a almost brand new one (insulated by Containertjänst). So what remains then is the cost of mounting a window, and we wouldn’t have to do that right away so could afford to wait for a good second hand option. We would also need to mount a normal door so that the space can be closed from the inside during winter months to keep the heat.


I come by tomorrow evening to unload Jakobs car, then we can have a look at the doors.
When is the container coming ?

Not decided but it can be picked up whenever. Just need to book a transport. Can you send me the contact of the truck driver you talked to?

Container was bought and delivered on Sunday!

It’s a good buy, completely unused. Smells of fresh plywood. Now we just have to decide where to place the door, the window (180*140 cm) and laser cutter ventilation exhaust. Decisions of course resting on the desired internal layout of the container. There needs to be a desk somewhere and plenty of storage for sheet materials.

Any preferences and/or recommendations? Feel very free to propose layout sketches using the image below!

@elch @jonasjohansson @bobspeakman @Ollxor @DavidGiertta @jakobskote
This is what we have to work with right now (in addition to ceiling-mounted fluorescent lighting):