Books for the library (redrum)

Hi y’all,

I put some books in the red room. Just give me a word if you want them gone!

If there is no other plan for the shelf space, I would actually love to add more - I think it would look nice, people could read them, and I would have a place for my work literature (mostly classics and science, some nerdy stuff about forestry, but generally things people could enjoy).

I put my name in the books, and if they can stay everyone is of course free to read them - just please don’t bring them home as I use them for reference.



Love this! Please do add more books in there. It’s supposed to be a library after all, albeit with room in the shelves also for other stuff. Curiousity cabinet…

We will also eventually get rid of the library from the Church room downstairs. It’s a very mixed bag down there with some really good stuff but also a lot of crap. Feel free to also cherry pick from downstairs and bring into the Red Room shelves.

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Great! I love picking out books so I’ll give it a go downstairs.

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