Booking the communal room oct12-16

Hey everyone,

I would like the space to create my latest collection of 6 artworks 140x60cm, I need to paint them white first, a few coats that need time to dry and then I will paint on them, hence the week needed,

I will put plastic everywhere (à la Dexter) to protect the walls and floors, and that is why I would like to be alone in the room for 4days

Is someone against it?

Thank you

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Great! Happy to hear that you’re planning a new series!

@hampus, this is really more your territory. But I think this seems to fall under the area of “fair use”.
It’s also during weekdays which is good. During events, we need to allow passage through that room to the emergency exit if there is a fire.


At the end of each work day, I will of course make space for passage and exit


This should be fine as the studio remodeling efforts are unlikely to have started by before then.