Blivande website

Blivande has a website!

We’re going to take some nice pictures tomorrow or on Monday, those on the site now are just placeholders.

And it’s not just a regular website. With a nice technique that @owen thought up during the Participio hackathon in Medenine, I have integrated the website closely to the Discourse. In fact, most of the text on the website is from the platform. Chunks of text that don’t fit well as platform posts are lifted from unlisted posts, but some pieces of content work well both on the platform and on the website, like the presentations.

To do soon:

  • [x] Fix profile photo caching issue
  • [x] Integrate a calendar function to book 30 minute introduction meetings, probably using Calendly.
  • [x] Hook up the DNS to
  • [x] Create a contact form instead of the annoying email link
  • [x] Link Node, Edgeryders to respective websites
  • [x] Remove WE ARE BLIVANDE

To do later:

  • [ ] Create a sort of blog syndication feature, where topics tagged with #blivandeblog are listed on the front page, and also available to view straight on the website, with a button link to go to the forum to discuss. This will be a nice feature for members to be able to promote events, art and work and creates a nice link between the platform and the website.
  • [ ] Give all users that have a blivande-presentation tagged topic a personal profile page with their presentation where all the topics they have posted with the blivande-blog tag are listed in a nice way.
  • [ ] Create a page for Blivande Events

Ping @nadia, @noemi, @johncoate, @alberto, @matthias and @natalia_skoczylas – presenting platform content on a website might be an interesting trick in the toolbox for outreach and engagement.

For @matthias, in case you’d worry about load, I won’t be querying the platform directly from the browser, though right now I am getting some user profile pictures. Rather, the relevant content is being cached by a microservice API (not stored in a database, just temporarily stored in memory). I will store a small thumbnail of the user pictures though to make the loading of the front page faster. You can see the code here if you’re curious. Since I want users to be completely in control of if they or their content is shown on the website, and I also don’t want to store too much content in a database, I do a dumb reload of the relevant data once per minute to make the website reasonably responsive to changes. It’s pretty rudimentary and primitive stuff, with a bunch of hard-coding, but it works.

Also @matthias, when you migrate us to a Communities platform, I will have to fix some stuff like changing the root url and also adding the new topic ids and category urls to the API. Let me know when you are about to start, and preferably leave the content in place here until I’ve managed to point to the new url.

That’s a really nice tweak, making a static website editable from within Discourse. People can edit from the comfort of their own (web)home, and don’t have to deal with HTML code, or templating languages, or a CMS account. And since Discourse provides the content as simple JSON snippets, its transfer to the static site is without much overhead.

I really like this system. I think we’ll copy that approach for the upcoming façade websites for the POPREBEL and NGI Forward projects. Over time, it could become a re-usable little open source project with some extras (like accessing the content from an access protected Discourse category with an API key).

Looks good. Congrats!

Looks really good, clear and simple, it’s something most teams we’ll end up needing going forward: Resnet, Culture etc! How much time does this take/ cost to know what we’d be budgeting?

I really like the idea of profiling members by attaching their good content to their presentation page. The only thing is the blog tag will have to be manually assigned by platform moderators, but it’s easy work.

All in all, superwork @hugi and #feelinginspired <3 xx

It really depends how much you tinker with design and layout, and how many different pages you want. Pretty hard to estimate.

@matthias, we are launching the website on social media in a campaign in the coming week, so let’s just make sure that the content stays accessible even as we migrate to

Sure thing. We’ll only import a copy to and inform you.

It is then up to you to tell your people to no longer edit the copy on, polish the import result, point the website to pull its content from, and finally delete the copy on

(CC @daniel )

Ok, got it!


just thought i’d let you guys know that the “in our forums”-link on homepage points to a 404 or edgeryders. should probably link to

Thanks! It’s fixed. By the way, the forum is also our CMS – I just had to update this post. Our forum used to be a category on the Edgeryders platform.

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People who are reaching out often ask regarding pricing. I think this should be explicitly outlined and put in 1 place on the website. If you skim a bit you miss it. Perhaps not as explicit as a menu item named Pricing, but along those lines could be worth considering.

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