Blivande Retreat 2021

Blivande Retreat 2021

Well, let me plant the seed for this in your heads: Let’s have a spring retreat for the people of Blivande next year in April/May.

Who is the people of Blivande?

This is a very good question, to which I do not fully have the answer. I know of myself, that I would claim to fall under the category “people of Blivande”. You might be just as sure to claim your title. Generally, it is all of us who build and fix, plan and think, connect and care for Blivande and its fluctuating population. A rough estimate is 40 people.

Why the retreat?

This is my list of things, I would like to do with “the people of Blivande”, in a retreat by the forest for 3-4 days.

Vision Sharing and Holding

Blivande is slowly becoming more and more, with the different opportunities and collaborations coming up, as we establish ourselves in the cultural landscape of Stockholm. It would be nice to have common time for a motivational update of our dear vision thinkers @hampus and @hugi, and others who’s gift for vision setting I might be overlooking right now. Take us on a trip to potential future multiverses.


Blivande has been inspired and simultaneously has inspired the concept of Microsolidary. It is a great concept, that I think in many ways we have already made our own. Sometimes it nice to put words to existing emerging phenomena.

Microsolidarity is a set of practices for mutual support between peers. These methods bring us out of individualism and into a more relational way of being. Most of this support happens in a Crew : a small group up to about 8 people growing trust in each other through emotional & economic reciprocity. Crews are always designed for intimacy, and may also produce an output (e.g. a software product or an activist campaign).
The Congregation is a space for Crews to co-develop in the company of other Crews. Congregations have less than a few hundred people, so they can be primarily governed through trust and dialogue.

Internal Communication and Authentic Relating

We see each other a lot, mostly busy working on different projects, sometimes on the same. Ideas are exchanged through word of mouth or the forum. Creating a container of dedicated time and space to explore our internal communication, seems tempting to me. I am not talking about the channels, we are constantly optimizing those. I am referring more to how we talk and interact with each other. How we set contexts and make implicit standards of behavior explicit. Authentic Relating has been part of my life for while now and I want to make it part of Blivande. We are constantly in each others professional and private spaces, conflict is unavoidable (and a source of growth and intimacy when transcended). We can help each other to be honest, aware of our needs and boundaries and compassionate to when we mess up something. This is my as you might anticipate, my biggest personal why for the retreat (next to FUN).

Creative Opportunity and Open Stage

I can see the danger of exponential project creation, if you put 40 of us in a cabin by the woods. It would be sane, to have someone checking that we do not forget to enjoy ourselves and relax. Also let’s have an open stage, I see it as a place where I get to know and see those of you that I do not know very well both in your essence and in your project and doing around Blivande. I have this dream of giving everyone 5-3 minutes attention, which they can spend to their individual liking. Attention is such a gift.


The essential ingredient.

For me it is long conversations, dancing, maybe some LARPing, Walks in the forest and good, heathy food with a lot of carbs. What is it for you?

What do you think?

This is co-created of course. I am motivated to get the ball rolling but would love to have some play partners to throw it around.

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YES!! :grinning:

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Great idea!!

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This idea is wonderful, Di :heart::pray::star_struck:

Sounds fun! I’d love to go to the archipelago together, camp, and maybe build a collaborative piece inspired by @Ollxor work Omnilum at Into the woods festival (he made a wood pyramid structure with others). Or, other “team building events”. Sounds great! We could host mini workshops for each other, have an open stage like @DianaMO mentioned, and get to know one another.

Fantastic idea!


Thank you Diana for creating this idea! It feels like a blessing. In many ways just what we need.

“Who are we?” Would be my suggestion for a main question to ponder and during the retreat. Not that we would give it a final definition, but to explore our selves, each other, our realities, fantasies and what lies in between.

I know we are a bunch with many skills, and would love to see some kind of open space ish schedule, and perhaps co-curate in advance.

I would like for this retreat to be a place to ask the most troubling and difficult questions, as well as give the warmest appreciation.

When it comes to creative building project i’m a bit reserved, knowing that they tend to take all the focus. But perhaps we can design something that brings us closer to understanding each other also.

I also welcome all the “just for fun” activities, shenanigans, rituals, “boring” discussions about “normal” things et.c

One thing i’m missing in the Blivande identity is a Vision, and the stuff that comes with that. Perhaps spend some time gazing at the stars and wonder how others are doing it out there and how we would like to represent this kind of operation from our side of the galaxy or something.

I would love to just spend some time around the camp fire and listen to you guyses life stories.

And perhaps do feedback sessions where one share a challenge for five minutes and get questions/feedback/advice for ten minutes.

Yeah, would be up for taking some time in co-planning this with @DianaMO and all who wishes.

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Thanks @jonasjohansson for bringing me in :slight_smile:

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It’s a lovely idea and something that there is actually already a dedicated 30 KSEK budget for! It’s been sort of simmering around for quite some time and was last brought up by @hugi in early November. Would be great if you take lead on making it a reality @dianamo!

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I think this is such a great idea, I’m longing fir this. Especially visions and authentic meetings. I would love to cocreate this and take a lead on this together with you beautiful @DianaMO.

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What a wonderful initiative!!! :grin::heart::+1:
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Fun! I can help with the planning, if it’s needed @DianaMO <3

Love the idea! Simon and I’d love to create a workshop together with you @jonasjohansson @Simon

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I’m in! Let’s go bushcrafting

Glad this found so much resonance in everyone, means that for me we all are longing for a bit of fun and time off the projects and with each other!

Process is initiated! Let’s get the planing started after a small holiday break.


Great !

I’m tagging myself! Would also like to join the planning @DianaMO <3


Hooray for self-selection - the principle that drives innovation in collectives. :slight_smile:



I thought to measure the temperature and see when most people are available between April and early May. Of course there is no guarantee that the retreat will be able to happen due to Rona, but we can postpone the location booking as long as possible and hope for the best, end of April to mid May seems to be a more secure call, but we have a month less of planning, doing and making for our first big summer at Frihamnstorget.

Please vote in the poll:

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I can’t vote for any of the options as I’m finishing up my PhD those weeks and don’t have a clear picture of that time. But keep me in the loop, I’d love to join :smiley: