Blivande presentation video script

We are producing a “digital tour” of Blivande. This thread is here for the collaborative planning of this video. We will use this post to write the script and coordinate people and scenes.

Production team

  • Coordination, script, storytelling, narration: @hugi
  • Interview subjects: @hampus, but we also need more - both members and team!
  • Main videography and editing: Rodrigo Rioseco (will ask him to come to the forum)
  • Additional video material: @Misscirkus, maybe @Sinikka and everyone contributing videos from their archives

Archive footage

We have some material in this Dropbox folder.

@ben.english, would you happen to have any video materials from the photoshoot?

Context and information

On behalf of the (German) Ministry of Economics, we support the cultural and creative sector by making it visible and by bringing together economic actors from the creative industries and other sectors, institutions and politics. On 5 November 2020 , we are organizing a major conference on the topic of social and sustainable economy (“Kongress Wirtschaft & Werte”). In this context, we would like to shed light on projects and companies from our industry and from other sectors that are already active in this field. In one of the sessions of the conference, we would like to show three innovative projects from other European countries .

The concept behind Blivande would fit perfectly in our track “creative & social impact”, one of the main themes of our event, which is why we would be happy to show the project to our participants!

We would like to take a look at your space and hear about the project through a short “guided tour” (in English) in the form of a video shot in advance (duration: 8 to 10 minutes).

As we will show this video as a part of our digital European tour, it would be great if you could start with a few words about where you are located and how Blivande fits the topic of the track “creative & social impact”. You are also welcome to present how you are organized and how the project started. And of course, we hope to get a short tour of your space! The video should last between 8 and 10 minutes in the format 16:9. In general, we avoid using filters or too many effects. We will add a little intro video at the beginning of the session to announce the tour.


A conversation between Hampus and Hugi

Time to record: Sunday, October 25th
People involved: Rodrigo, @hampus, @hugi


  • Idea behind Blivande
  • Vision for the future
  • Why are we doing this?

Additional narration

Time to record: Sunday, October 25th
People involved: Rodrigo, @hugi

  • This will be a recording of a pre-written script that will be read by me, used to cut between scenes.

PPE production story

Time to record: Sunday, October 25th
People involved: Rodrigo, @hampus, @hugi

Theme: Participatory culture for resilience
Additional footage from PPE production videos will be provided (@Ollxor, @hampus, who has the high res stuff?)


  • Interview with someone from Noden (maybe something for the communications crew @filipnystrom?)
  • Personal story about Blivande and impact on one’s life in Stockholm (@MariaEuler, would you be interested?)
  • Clips from @Misscirkus from people working in the house

Participatory culture

  • @Ollxor, could I interview you about this?
  • Talk about roots in the Borderland
  • Blurring the boundaries between artist and audience, as well as between professions and disciplines
  • Growing a creative cluster
  • @NinaLindberg, would you be up for an interview up your container?

An ecosystem of initiatives

I’m not sure who is available, so making some suggestions here for scenes. Let’s see how many of them we can fit in. Depending on availability, we can split filming between Rodrigo, @Misscirkus, and @Sinikka if she is available.

Interview with Secret Experience

@NinaLindberg and @bobspeakman, if you are up for it, when is a good day? Could we have an interview with you up in your container? Especially about how it feels to run a project at Frihamnstorget, how is it different, what makes it special?

Interview with Frida & Simon

@Frida_Simon and @Simon - would you be up for that? If so, when would be a good day?

Interview with Tobi

@elch, @Manu, @missChief - I think it could be cool to have a scene with you guys working and talking in the workshop. But when are you back?

Interview with Theo

@Thedodod, are you available? When are you back?

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Happy to do so.

When is a good day for you? Are you available this weekend?

@jonasjohansson, are you doing something with your students at Blivande in the coming week?

Not that I’m aware of :slight_smile: I’ll be in tomorrow for a short meeting, but that’s it.

Im back next week, I suggest monday in order for Rodrigo to have time to cut and finish the video production…

I feel excited about this and would love to talk about the Node or Tau or Borderland and equipment. In general community building in and around the house. Where do you see me best placed with the current vision @hugi

I am available on the 25th and in Stockholm

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@DianaMO, perfect! Book Sunday the 25th. We will fit in interviews with me, @hampus, @NinaLindberg and you on that day at least!

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Bob and I can do Sunday too. Preferably sometime between 12-16 but we can be flexible.

An approximate time would be nice as the day apporoaches and there is more structure. Not necessary right now!

Sunday schedule

12:00 to 13:00 - @NinaLindberg and @bobspeakman
13:00 to 14:00 - @DianaMO
14:00 to 15:00 - @hampus and @hugi
15:00 to 16:00 - @Misscirkus?
16:00 to 17:00 - @jakobskote

@hampus - perhaps we could also do some interior shots on Sunday - like walking through the spaces?

@elch, would happen to be around on Sunday?
@MariaEuler, could you make it on Sunday?

@Rodrigorc - works?

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@Rodrigorc, there is now a lot of footage in the shared Dropbox drive.


I have now a different vision: @Garman and @maria.eckerberg from the Noden communication team talking about the Node and @filipnystrom and me talking about BL or participatory culture around Blivande.

Open for suggestions. Just thought that a mixed up group of people (age and sex, would be good for the video)


These are excellent ideas, thank you!


Sounds wonderful! :slight_smile: What time do I need to be somewhere?

If you could come on Sunday, that would be ideal!

i am available sunday if wanted @hugi

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I will be in Blivande from 12 and the rest of the day

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Sorry for the late reply. How are you dealing with the setup? Could I do it outside? I guess it would not be long for me, just 10 min shooting for maybe 20secounds talking? (in englisch or german?) (just read a scary article about corona and am continuing being super careful, sorry)

If yes I can come by if the weather holds (so I can bike), which it looks like looking at the forecast. :slight_smile:

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Hey, yes it sounds perfect. I will be there before 12.00 on sunday, so we have time to find a nice spot for the interviews and get the set up ready to start on time.