Blivande Halloween ๐Ÿ’€

Happy Autumn everyone!

I have spoken to @hampus and @hugi and @Wanda and I have the green light to organise a Halloween event/situation/happening at Blivande. The profits we make will go towards Blivande.

I am looking for people who would be interested in decorating some of the rooms or doing projects/performances that fit the theme.
All projects will have some form of budget.

Please give a shout out here if interested and I will get in touch with you with more details.

To give further direction as to how the event will be framed. Itโ€™s a โ€˜clubโ€™ night with an overarching theme that includes elements of performance, some rooms with curiosities and interactive theatre.
The premise is that guests are invited to celebrate the anniversary of a character recently deceased, who kept the house open for strange guests. Rumour is, these odd neighbours are still lurking about amongst the guests.
You may want to be in character to interact with people during the night, or decorate a room for an immersive/interactive experience that people can pop in and out of. With the diversity of the crowd, I would still focus more on the decor, the bar and the music.
A live act that smaller groups could be โ€˜luredโ€™ away to watch (shibari and live music for example) are welcome, but probably nothing longer than 30 minutes.

Thank you. :sparkles:


Is a gon be great and include a basement dungeonโ€ฆ

We will also clear out one of the smoking area siderooms. Any ideas for what could happen there (2 m2)?

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I have a music performance/interactive shamanic ritual thatโ€™s all about our dead ancestors.
Iโ€™ve wanted to go full-on dark roots with it before but never had the chance, so Iโ€™d love to do that at this event. The whole thing is between 2-3 hours long.


Hey! For the purpose of this event 2-3 hours would be too long.
For further context, the framework of this is not like a โ€˜burnerโ€™ event, meaning not workshops based or longer performances. The intention is also to invite a very mixed crowd.
It would be more of a โ€˜clubโ€™ event to raise money for Blivande, with a Horror/Halloween theme that is based off a story we are weaving into the night: think guests at an old house filled with curiosities. Hope it makes sense.
We do need some interactive/performative elements so if you are still interested may be best we speak in person.:black_heart:


Miniature haunted house in the smoking area side-room! :smiley:

Gotcha! Sounds much more interesting than a traditional performance.
Iโ€™ll work out a framework that I can present to you. :grinning: