Blivande artists in residence

What is an artist in residence?

Blivande has two artists in residence with their own rooms, and room for another six to nine artists with their own desks. It’s important to note that even though we call it a “residency”, nobody lives at House Blivande.

How much do artists in residence pay?

Artists in residence with rooms have Studio Beta fixed desk memberships and pay 3900 SEK per month + VAT, but instead of having a desk on the second floor, they are given their own room at Studio Tau. Artists in residence with desks have Studio Beta flex desk memberships and pay 2500 SEK per month + VAT. Both have access to the flex desks at Beta, along with their fixed places at Tau.

How does one get selected to be an artist in residence?

Currently, the Blivande board ultimately decides who gets offered the opportunity to be an artist in residence since we sign the contract. However, we want this to be a conversation within the community, where people are asked to introduce themselves to the forum first and tell us about their art and plans. Since we’ve only had to do this twice, our selection criteria are evolving. So far, we have been looking for people who fulfill the following criteria:

  • Artists who get rooms should be trying to make a living with their art.
  • Those with rooms should be planning to spend most of their working time at Tau. Those with desks should spend enough time there to be an active part of the community.
  • Is open to and has capacity for involving others in their work and practice
  • Wants to help others develop as makers and artists
  • Wants to bring their own expertise to build Studio Tau
  • Takes responsibility for developing Tau as a whole for the benefit of all Blivande members.

In addition to this, there are the personal aspects of that we get along with the person and would like to work with them.

Who are the current artists in residence?

Our current artists in residence with rooms are Simon Cederquist and Maria Euler. Simon was offered his residency in December 2018. Maria started her residency in February. @asapienza has a fixed desk, currently in the big common room in the corner of Tau.

For how long is an artist a resident?

We are building a community, and a stable place, rather than a short term residency program. Our artists in residence have their status long term and until further notice, and as long as they are still interested in continuing to work in ways that benefit the community and Studio Tau.