Blivande Akademie - Making it happen

Hello dear masters and interested students,

for a while, we have collected ideas and interest in this thread about “Finding the Master”.

To pull everything together we are suggesting the topic:

“Learn hands-on skills to shape your work, home and Blivande”

Your workshop can use the space and tools available in the house. The outcome for the participants should be that they learned a new skill and contributed towards creating something that either stays at house Blivande or could be taken home.

Now it is time to make this a reality.

To do so I am calling to those who mentioned in the previous thread to be up to facilitating a course (with a short potentially wrong description of what I understood they would do):

  1. @missChief “a grasshopper (parametric scripting) course ready to go- could also teach creative suite things or rhino.” >> sounds all great, choose what zou are most interested in doing :slight_smile:
  2. @SimianSon " fundamentals of DJing and also electronic composition/production"
  3. @erik_lonroth What open source world would you like to show people to shape their world?
  4. @LindaNurk “sewing, innovative textiles or raising your own urban silkworms, I have a half-day workshop ready on that topic already” That sounds amazing! @hampus also asked you about kombucha leather?
  5. @cecilia_ulfsdotter would you add an intense drawing session? Maybe with coulours or such?
  6. @dsandber Shaper tool >> how to use shaper tool and building a DIY project together.
  7. @jonasjohansson, I was not sure if you actually suggested an LED light construction workshop or if that was just an assumption that we made because you do so many cool things like this.
  8. @elch, could we do another welding workshop?

9. 10. 11. … These are the Masters I gathered from the previous thread. If there are more who would be interested just write here and fill out the forms bellow as described!

Master, I would like to ask you to:

  1. Fill out these dream forms for the Akademie with the content and details of your workshop, so we use that as a source to create the program and flyers.
  2. Fill in the date you would like to do your workshop in this google timetable sheet.
    (We try to have not more than 2 or 3 workshops per day)


  • Payments of participants can be made through the Blivande system if you want (Check with @hugi)

  • I suggest a split like 30% for Blivande and 70% for the facilitation/facilitator if space and tools is provided for free and we want to longterm develop such workshops as an income source both for the house and the facilitators. Currently, It is written like that in the Guidelines. But we can change that if people think that is a bad idea. (ping @hugi and @hampus what do you think?)


ping @Niki. Next step of realisation. You offered to maybe make some flyer layouts for this. When could you fit that in?
And did you want to also teach something?

Ping @blivande-members!

awesomesauce! I’m not sure what you meant by your question @MariaEuler - would be to teach people how to use tools to digitally model projects in order to build them! I’d like some input (maybe a survey?) of whether people would like Rhino, Rhino + grasshopper, just grasshopper, or creative suite. Those could all be different workshops potentially (can’t do them all haha)

@missChief was just framing it in the topic :). Totally up to you for which one you go :slight_smile:

I got some feedback about problems with the dream platform, therefore here a short description how you join to set up your dream:

follow this link: and then on the right upper corner you can press “join”

you join, get an email with a “magic” link. click the link in that email and it leads you back to the side, but now in the upper right corner it is going to say “new dream”. click on that and dream away :slight_smile:

ping or message me if there are any problems

Fabian Tanz will be running a DJ course as a fundraiser for Noden and I’ve suggested to him that if it’s something that he would like to develop further and make happen again that he also creates a Blivande Academy program out of it. He’s interested and we will talk about it again after the Noden course this Tuesday.

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Hi @Maria! Sorry for the late reply, it’s easier for me to communicate through email as I can do it from my phone :slight_smile: I can put together a flyer by this evening. do you have some guidelines I should consider? Thanks!!

hello @Niki, sorry, lost track of your email. lots of stuff recently. There is a Discord app with which the forums work on the phone as well.

Give me a day to think about it regarding the flyers. We have to see how much we can realise this month as not many courses have been registered yet, and maybe we will go for a slower step by step roll out after all. We also discussed that a person should get paid to take care of more of the development of the Blivande Akademi. Most of the 30% of the income that would go to Blivande would in that case go to the person doing the organising. Maybe you can think about if you or someone else is interested in takingthis on more? I am a bit overwhelmed right now.


Hi @MariaEuler it’s ok, don’t worry! What is the app called? I tried now with an app called Discord but wasn’t able to log in so maybe I have the wrong one.

I would love to take on more of the development and organisation. Should I maybe come by and we can discuss more? How about tomorrow?

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Seeing the realities of how it goes to make these workshops realities, I think it would be helpful to have a call were potential organisers and facilitators of Blivande Akademi meet and we can see what we can do to best and realistically realise these wonderful realities…

When would it suit you for a call? Please vote bellow:

In the call we will talk about the development of Blivande Akademie.

@Niki will present her vision for an overacrching creative concept.

I would also like to invite @CasparHojer who wrote about some possible workshops here: Possible workshops to see if we can establish a collaboration there.

And I would also like to invite potential workshop facilitators such as:
@missChief, @SimianSon, @erik_lonroth, @LindaNurk, @NinaLindberg, @cecilia_ulfsdotter, @dsandber,@jonasjohansson,@elch, @Ollxor, …

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(@Sero made us a logo :))


Hi everyone!
I thought I would reintroduce myself also with some new information based on my meetings with @MariaEuler these last few weeks.

I’m Niki and I have previously worked in education organising workshops and lessons in tech and design. Today I work as an innovation designer crossing over UX, UI, graphic design, and product design. I reached out to Blivande as I have recently moved to Stockholm from London and have been looking to be part of a creative hub in Stockholm. I am a natural maker and I love starting crazy projects, big or small.

After speaking with Maria I understood that there’s a need for an organiser to make the Blivande Akademi a reality. I love this initiative and am gladly taking over this role! I will try my best to cater to all facilitators’ wishes and needs in regard to this project, and to make this wonderful idea become reality.

As a starting point, what I see that we need is:

  • An overarching theme or mission of the initiative to help clarify for the potential participants what we are doing, what Blivande is, and what they can expect.

  • Making it easy for the potential participants to sign up and get information. This might mean a website with info, contact info and a sign-up system.

I have a suggestion on first point which is the theme of the initiative which I want to share in our meeting together (see Maria’s post above) If anyone has an idea about the second point, or if the dreams platform can be used for this, it would be great! I am still getting a hang of the resources available so I might need some explaining or informing of the different platforms that already exist.

“The sum of the cardamum” is that I would like to still try and get at least three workshops happen next week, they might be small and hard to find participants to this late, but we can see it as a trial for us organisers and facilitators as well. So if we can have a meeting tomorrow Friday in order to get the theme, sign-up system, and workshops pinned down I think we have what we need to make this happen. If you as a facilitator needs anything at all as in throwing around ideas, answering questions about the workshops then please do not hesitate and contact me!

Have a great day and remember to vote! (for the meeting day:)


Welcome, Niki! I’m looking forward to meeting you and I’ve heard good things!

I think that signups are probably best handled through our ticketing system, as that also handles payments. When we meet I could show you how that would work. I’m available on Monday if that’s a good day for you.

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Looks like @CasparHojer could probably join on Monday. Would like to have him in the call.


Welcome onboard, Niki!

I’m also available on Monday.

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Thank you! Yes Monday works for me as well.

I’ve been thinking hard on how to bring to life at least a discussion about my thoughts around the “Blivande Academie” sparked by @MariaEuler and now also reading the first intro by @Niki.

I thought to paste my thoughts here as this is way out from my comfort zone in terms of getting things organized.

===== My thoughts ======

Working for a living takes up most of people awake hours. Sleep 8
hours, work 8 hours, try to fit in everything else – like washing,
resting, loving and caring 8 hours. Finding time for learning and
exploring is not easy.

Employment is normally focused on getting shit done from a productivity point of view. Its not uncommon that education withing a corporate context get little room in the every day practice. Also education in a profession, is often directly connected to the actual business or to the line of work that you are hired to perform.

Finding time to learn is almost in a conflict with the process of making a living.

The exception is of course people working directly within academia, where the learning process itself is what makes the living. But persons within academia has its own problems, not seldom tided to economy. How do you raise money to learn, research and study your passion subject if nobody is
prepared to pay for it?

What if there is a way to establish a learning sphere in the middle between academia and
business - tying that in to the Blivande Community, mixing in the principles from Burning Man, Syntheistic philosophy and Participatory culture that already flourish there? How would such a academy environment work and what would it teach/study/make?

Would it attract a “for profit interest” because of this extraordinary mix of philosophy, art, creativity and community to make it sustainable?

Would it attract teachers willing to connect art, philosophy and science to grow people into artisans in their field, in the context at which we intend to place it at Hus Blivande?

How do we facilitate the learning process is another question to think about. Do we seek a formalized academic method and process or is the creative environment in itself enough for a learning and academic dimension? Can an academy work without an already established format for research and academia?

It is truly an intriguing thought to create an academy that merges and teaches philosophies from the culture in Hus Blivande and make that sustainable with a for profit element. I’m definitely interested.

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Join us for a call about the development of Blivande Akademi Monday the 26th of October 18:00 here: (edited, typo) Sorry! Meeting is today

16th of October was 10 days ago. :slight_smile:
I assume from earlier posts that it’s today the 26th, as in 30 mins from now?

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