Blivande Akademie - Finding the Masters!

I think it would be a nice theme to do a shaper tool workshop targeted too industrial designers or just designers. And that the task to build could be smaller design things for the home

Good idea. In that case we could offer for example a simple chair design with the option of adjusting it slightly. “Take your seat at house Blivande”

One issue is that it’s impractical for all members of the workshop to build an item. In fact, it’s probably impractical to build any but the most trivial projects for even one person in a class – these things take time.

Perhaps if we set things up so that all the wood is already taped, and jigged in place, and all you need to do is cut… but then we’re talking a huge pre-class commitment.

Perhaps everyone cuts a pre-made piece of a bigger project, and it’s a co-created assembly?

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Eiter way, if the point is to learn - then focus on the learning. Cool if they take something with them, but not really necessary.

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Hi everyone!
I’m Niki, a designer with a big interest in education and impactful design. I’m from Stockholm and am moving back from London in a few weeks.

I am really interested in contributing in any way to Blivande and Frihamnstorget! I’m sharing what I wrote to Maria in an email below, so you can read a bit about my thoughts on the workshop week!

I have done a bit of thinking around the workshop week at Blivande. Before going into my theme ideas, would it make sense to have the week on the autumn break for schools? It’s week 44, 26th Oct-1 Nov. Just an idea in case anyone would like to target young people and children. Given the times we are in I think activities like these could have a huge response from these groups.

I looked through the forum page, and the main goal of the week seems to be to make use of all the skilful people that are involved in Blivande. It is also a way to do something community based in these socially distant times.

Having looked through the forum page, I had an idea about possibly combining all these different ideas and activities to fit into the same theme. If Blivande’s mission is for example something around creating a meeting hub for creatives of all ages in Stockholm, we could invite diverse groups of people to come and create something physical together. We can all work on different areas and create an environment and space together, and instead of the participants taking something home with them, the things we create together becomes part of the permanent space that is Blivande. This way it is more collaborative, the community gets a sense of ownership, which makes them feel more at home and part of the space.

Just as an example, from the top of my head, if we would all work towards repurposing one of the containers in the Blivande box park into a communal area/café, open to all. (This would also create revenue to Blivande with the café business) Some people work on the benches Maria posted about. Some people curate an exhibition area for young aspiring artists to exhibit and sell their art. Some use the laser cutter to make plates and cutlery for the café. Some design how to transform the café into an event space in the evenings where there could be community lead courses or open-mic poetry evenings (maybe they need to laser cut or build collapsible chairs for this.) Some people might just want to focus on the decor, for example create a mosaic ceiling. It would all be pre planned to some degree so we can have the masters and materials needed, but it should also be quite open-ended I think, so that the community have room to shape the end product as well.

Let me know what you think. I think it could be really nice and fun, and would love to be part of making something like this happen. I have experience in laser cutting, wood workshop, Arduino, graphic design, print making (would be great to make use of in this event) etc so can contribute with holding workshops as well as creating visuals and promotional content as well.



Great to have you here @Niki :slight_smile:

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Welcome Niki!

I think this is a great idea! I haven’t really thought of Blivande Academy in terms of a specific workshop week, but there could for sure be strong synergies between certain workshops if they can be placed close to each other in time. Would have to be balanced out by the limited time availability and that some participants would then maybe be forced to choose one over the other.

Again a great idea! We are in a way already doing this as Frihamnstorget is very much a co-created space. Our Work Is Play events on Fridays are literally a standing invitation to the general public to come by and create it with us!

But that said it could definitely be beneficial to focus a specific group’s attention on something more specific and restrained in terms of scope (creativity needs boundaries to flourish after all!).

I’m not personally convinced a cafe is the best way to go simply because we already have a kitchen set up for this and no empty container to transform at the moment. And by far the biggest hurdle to making this a reality isn’t the actual physical creation of a cafe space but the long term, continuous staffing of it. That kind of commitment is the genuine treasure that we need to find more of!

But maybe you are willing to take the lead on such a thing? If so please don’t let me get in the way! :slight_smile:

A cafe business run as a co-op would be great! It’s just a lot of work for relatively little and uncertain financial reward (I have many friends that have tried), so it would have to be a project that really inspires people to put in the necessary amount of energy and time for other reasons than monetary gain.

Looking forward to meeting you!



Let’s make this official:

Blivande Akademie week is:

week 44, 26th Oct-1 Nov.

Let’s make a list of which workshops happen when!

@hugi, you had an idea about setting up something with dreams to make the planning of that easier, could we have a quick check-in this week so you can show me how to set that up?


Hi Hampus!
Sorry for my late reply, I’m in the middle of an international move atm.

Oh sorry, I must’ve misunderstood. I thought it was just one specific week that was being organised!! So will it be a reoccurring thing maybe one workshop week a month or so?

Yeah, I’d love to take the lead on some sort of project like that! It can be in addition to all the other workshop ideas though, as it is a bit last minute and I can see there are a lot of other ideas already! But yeah you’re right, a café is a big project in itself. I will think more about it to scale it down or simplify a bit. But I’m really into these collaborative initiatives, if anyone else would like to co-lead a workshop that’d be great! I haven’t visited Fridhamnstorget yet also so it’s hard to know what would fit in and what’s already there etc. Am looking forward to visiting in 2 weeks when I’m in Stockholm again!

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let’s work this project together @Niki ! :slight_smile:

We absolutely want these to be reoccurring workshop events, the idea of having one week to start it is just because after a year or so of ideas many have struggle to get of the ground on their own so I thought it would be good to bundel some energy :).

And it is also good to have a few people who are very much in the topic and can bounce ideas and signal approval to each other to direct the potential of co-creation :slight_smile:

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Yup, absolutely!

Sounds great @MariaEuler !!

I had a look at some other threads here on the forum, and saw that you’ve already spoken about urban gardening a fair bit. Maybe one of the reoccurring workshops could have a guerrilla theme. First one could be on guerrilla gardening where we for example build mini-domes for green houses, paint with moss on the ground and buildings etc.

Initially I thought it’d be for young people/teens, but maybe it’s nice to have a mix of ages working together.

And we could have people signing up well in advance in order to have a online session before hand, for ideas exchange, team forming, and so people could bring in some material.

I’m really excited about this! Would love for ideas and suggestions also from other members. @MariaEuler should we have a call this week to discuss details on how to structure the workshop and potentially the online session, and if you need me to do any graphics for the event in general?



I set up a dream platform for the Akademie.

Basically a form in which each facilitator can input their workshop.

check it out here:

@Niki, how about a call on Monday the 14th 11:00? Or if you are already in Stockholm, you could come by the house on Wednesday the 16th and we could have a chat then to see how to shape this project further :).

@Hugi, how are we dealing with the income from the workshops? Should there be a kind of “rent” for the spaces and tools or a percentage of the income that goes to Blivande? (I think the latter would prob be better)

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@hugi I am definitely SO IN!!!
@hampus Yes to drumming! Would love to do something like that!
@MariaEuler I could teach fundamentals of DJing and also electronic composition/production if there’s interest.
October sounds great. :heart::+1:

Excuse the late reply folks, but I’ve finally got this forum to work on my phone. :sweat_smile:


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Agenda for Akademie Meeting today:

  • Make list of masters

  • Set up time plan: google sheet.

  • Adjust Akademi Form on dreams

  • directly reach out to master to fill in Akademi form on dreams

  • Timeplan. google sheet calendar

  • Theme:
    leading the workshops into a shared direction via a inspirational theme like:

    * How would you add to Blivande?
    * How to improve a space?
    * How do you make a space a home?
    * Make home

I put up a suggestion for a technical pattern construction class, its a tailor’s method of producing individualised garments blueprints, made from scratch using you own body measurements. Could this be of interest? You would need to have some basic sewing know-how, and its quite technical (its mostly calculations and careful measurements). Would love to teach others about this almost forgotten method


OMG ! I want !!!


Great! So excited!