Blivande Akademie - Finding the Masters!

Dear Community,

there are so many masters of wonderful weirdness here with us!

Post which workshop you would like to teach or partake in!

We would like to create a forum in which to learn from and with you.
This could also potentially turn into a way of generating some small income for the house and the masters as well as recruiting new wonderful members.

So let’s see what we can do!

Different workshop ideas have been mentioned before but most of the ideas could not yet get realised.

Now we want to give this potential a shared push forwards to develop this as an opportunity to learn and develop, but also to earn some money in weird and difficult corona times.

The idea is to have “Blivande Akademi” or “Blivende Workshop” week (WIP title, happy for suggestions).

The Form:

Given the Corona restrictions, high-quality workshops with a few people for half a day to a day costing between 300 and 800 SEK per person seem to fit well, but I would love your feedback on this.

The payment can be done via the new payment system Hugi set up which we can establish this way for future workshop uses.

Ideas the have been floating around have been:
(this ideas are just some sketches to not start off with a blank slate, no commitment, and probably not a good description. This post is a wiki, so feel free to change it or comment below with your ideas)

  • Lasercutter and LED sign-making with @jonasjohansson?
  • An "exploring technology Arduino workshop with @jonasjohansson and @MariaEuler?
  • Building an insect hotel with @elch?
  • Welding with @elch?
  • Kombucha making with @NinaLindberg (there was another thing you said, but I forgot…)?
  • Photography or Photoshop with @Frida_Simon?
  • Could some of our architects do something?
  • Could we do something with the CAD and the shaper tool?
  • A sewing workshop?
  • A drawing workshop with @cecilia_ulfsdotter?
  • Please add more ideas!!!

Comment below or edit this wiki

Let’s first find a time. (Without a deadline we won’t get anywhere ;))

For one week we would like to set up ca 2-3 workshops every day.
To realise this we need the masters from Beta, TAU and Noden come together. Therefore we need to find a date where most of those would be able to facilitate a workshop.

  • 24th - 30th of August
  • 31st - 6th of September
  • 7th - 13th of September
  • 14th - 20th of September
  • 21st - 27th of September
  • some when in October
  • some when in November
  • Make it a Christmas-thing
  • Do is in autumn and again as a Christmas-thing

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BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: let’s find the masters!


Who would like to teach a workshop at Blivande Akademie?


What a great initiative! I’m in!

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Love this!

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Ping @blivande-members!

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Like it ! Let’s have som to plan it and look for masters. That is why I put autumn starting in September.

Thought of singing with @kimgajraj

And if I could wish for one, I would wish for some wood working :exploding_head::heart:

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I’m in! I have a grasshopper (parametric scripting) course ready to go- could also teach creative suite things or rhino. Or help Jonas with arduino workshop. Etc.


We also need to collect ideas on how to push this out and advertise it.

@SofiaAnner do you have any spontaneous ideas regarding that?

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I think finding specific groups on facebook and meet-up is a great way to start and reach people that are already interested in the specific things we can offer

Maybe it’s time for us to start a group here

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How are you? I am currently going through some older posts about the planning of the Textile room and there I saw that you had been planning some workshops with textiles. How did that work out in the end? And would you be interested in being one of the masters of Blivande Akademie and offer a workshop there?

That would be amazing!

@SimianSon, I think you might have some teachings up your sleeves?


This sounds amazing! I would love to teach a singing workshop!


Beautiful idea! Love this! <3333


Very interested


Looking at the poll: We propose 5th - 11th of October.

We go with that if we do not get Vetos.

Please post your workshop ideas and dates!


I´d love teaching in some workshops. My skills are within sewing, innovative textiles or raising your own own urban silkworms, I have a half day workshop ready on that topic already.
Great initiative and great ideas popping up from all.


I would be very interested in a kombucha “leather” workshop and also silkworms!
Can also help you with the logistics and hosting around the course if you wish!

I have had a DJ:ing course in mind since many years. Not that I could lead it (would rather be a participant myself) but I have plenty of ideas on course structure and could help hosting it together with an expert DJ. Will ask around in my network but let me know if you know people that would be suitable in the instructor role.

The idea would be to have recurring intensive course days several times per week and then finishing with an actual party where the lineup consists of the instructor + the students. Now we with brand new sound system and the complete DJ rig we have all the means of creating a really good course.


Yes! I would love to see a paid drumming course with a tighter group of really motivated participants. Could also help with this!


@MariaEuler had the idea of having a class where people make something with the Shaper Origin. There’s a bunch of ready-to-build projects here:

See something that people would be excited about?


Hmh, let’s think about who and what would fit.

Shaper tool workshop:

There are a few strategies I see:


  • Something big that looks impressive and is one big project that probably stays in the house

  • Fotos of the project will look really cool and impressive.

  • People will have been part of building it and the potential of the tools is shown

  • There are multiple cool looking furniture examples. Building your own chair could also be between impressive and practical with the opportunity for people to take it home.

  • For children:

  • Christmas present:

    • theme it so that people see it as an opportunity to build a Christmas present.