Beer & Bulbs / Cotainervillage lightning-AW on friday 16.30-19!


I’ll be there!

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Can you aske Alexander if he can spend the DAY to drag out the
lightning we have in storage so we all can do some action on putting it UP at the AW.
Ask if he can prerare lights on spot and tools and (najtråd, buntband, mm), / F

Tagging @Alexander here :slight_smile:

Wonderful initiative and highly necessary!
It’s just a matter of time before we hear the first complaint about this from SH and I’ve been looking at the darkness out there with worry from the first day after the event.
It’s important that we make this happen before they reach out and complain as they can otherwise imagine that nothing would have happened without their intervention/warning.

I’m currently looking into buying chain lighting “kedjebelysning/rov/rovslingor” similar to the ones we rented from Eventopia for the event. I’m also checking for prices on light bars/facade lights aimed upwards for wall mounting on the container tower.

I believe we need a peripheral light chain and some floodlights on the container walls up an running in the coming two weeks. Also a permanent stronger light inside the plant container up top.

Of course this will cost some money so that’s another discussion to have that goes in under a general budget strategy discussion for FT year one as a whole. I believe the ballpark figure that @hugi mentioned at the last meeting (40 KSEK in costs beyond rent) is way too low but that’s for another thread.

What we have in-house as of today:

  • 8-9 non-waterproof RGB lights (destined for permanent fixture indoor but some could be used under rain cover at FT for now).
  • 1-2 indoor halogen floodlights.
  • Waterproof small floodlight with IR-sensor (motion detection) for wall mounting. Typical “garage light”.
  • One very strong 700 W spotlight (used to light up the big tree during the event). Expensive/energy intensive to use and not suitable for long-term use as the bulb will burn out quickly.

On a sidenote Joannis is about to invest a lot of money (several tens of thousands has been mentioned) in professional event lighting. Most of it waterproof (will refer to this as “IP-classed” from now on). Not so relevant for our day-to-day lighting but very useful for larger events such as a Christmas market for example.

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Snygg :slight_smile:

There is three lightbulb chains from Jula in the Cafe container.

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I’ll be there!

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Can we put them up on order spot?

Nice ones. Those are however normal E27 sockets. That would make the bulbs more attractive to steal compared to bayonet mounted ones:

I don’t know whether it would be a genuine issue or not for us. Having it E27 makes it much easier to find replacement bulbs when things break and we would have a larger variety of bulbs to choose from/play around with.

Good point! If there are sockets that are less “stealable” and not much more expensive, we should choose them…

We need to get back on this bandwagon. These lights are really needed to make the square come to life again.

I’ll try to carve out some time within the coming three days to google around for options. If I can’t find anything better we with bayonet handles (and a reliable source of bulbs for that standard) we go for @elch option above.

I have a 8-armed IP444 ljusslinga - slingorna 9 meter långa, för julgranar som vi kan hänga upp i domen från toppen för julgigget. tar med den till blivande.

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