Beckmans Visuell Kommunikation och Form

Hiya, spoke to some people about this today and writing a small summary of it here.


Form (product design) and Visuell Kommunikation (visual communication) students will visit Blivande during Work is Play Friday 4th of September. A total of 29 students + 2 lecturers.

Beckmans will provide wood, tools and paint, and present the challenge of building outdoor furniture (in various ways). The intention is not for these to remain permanently unless there is interest from Blivande.


Myself (lecturer at Visual Communication) and Janne Loftén (skater, lecturer at Form and builder of outdoor gyms and activity centres) will lead the day. We are responsible for creating the groups, and facilitating the learning experience.

@elch will facilitate an introduction to welding, and take on the groups in a rotation as they learn the basics of welding, and hopefully building something interesting out of the metal remains that exist.

I will encourage them to also play with the left-over white “square” metal sheets.

@Ollxor is interested in being a part of this as well.

@missChief will do a short talk/presentation about her master thesis project, and I hope to share some of her work before hand so the students understand a bit of the work behind.

@bobspeakman and @NinaLindberg will provide an exciting LUNCH for the students, with the intention of creating a moment of reflection over the experience.

@hampus I think we will leave the painting for the furniture that they are building, unless you believe there is an exciting opportunity to do some fun things with the fence. However, there might be a strictness for the fence in terms of graphic design that is not ideal for a day of letting out your inner creative spirit. Let me know!


As mentioned before, 4th of September from 10.00-17.00.


Feel free to approach this with creative ideas and suggestions.


sounds great! let me know when you have a timeline of what goes when :slight_smile:

Great stuff @jonasjohansson! Thanks for thinking of something that can potentially contribute to the square and involving more community members! Also we really need more furniture (no pressure or expectations!). :slight_smile:

I assume this event will be documented somehow? Would be awesome if we could post about it on SoMe afterwards.

Feel free to use some of my white metal sheets but I will reserve a number of them for a future project of my own that I’m thinking of. There are also other sheets you can make use of, slightly larger and thicker (unpainted). They are also stored on top of the laser container on a pallet.

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