Beckmans Container Spray

Heyo, are there any containers we could paint white / and spray? Would love to invite the new 16 Visual Communication students under Johan Lundborgs guidance again at Frihamnstorget.


  1. Any container we can paint? Preferably all sides.

  2. Do we have equipment available to paint a white background? I think this will make it look much better, and help us out a bit in terms of color.

I’ll be covering the cost/time of Johan, as well as all the spray-cans required.


PS. also OK if there is no container, I’ll think of something else!

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We’re running low on “unclaimed” containers I’m afraid! There are already plans for the laser container, WCH-container and the cafe container. The second level containers aren’t practical to paint with 16 students or are not to be painted due to the nice old patina.

An alternative could be that you instead create the project around painting parts of the wooden pallet fence that I’m building around the square. Would like to see some sketch/concept and a color palette if so!

Some rollers and paint troughs can be found lying around but the cost of purchasing these are minor. Are you referring more to spray painting machines and the like? We have a shitload of masking plastic left from the PPE production so you can take however much you want from that to protect the asphalt from paint.

Since this is more of an exercise and coming together event, painting over the work of the students is not a problem.

Perhaps we could paint 1-2-3 sides of various containers, and go nuts on some pallets? I would not provide the students with design directions, instead, encourage them to make their own decisions but with a selection of colors that we/you/me can decide on.

It has to be a free design experience, which follows some kind of methodology, rather than to clear directions.

So, we can decide on colors that make sense, and we would follow some kind of design methodology that is fun and iterative (geometry, space etc.) - where you/Blivande can propose the theme.

Perhaps you have some suggestions or a Theme we could follow, get inspired by??

Yes I remember the setup and angle from last time; I imagine it’s great stuff as a learning experience for the participants.

Is there a particular reason for wanting to paint specifically containers or could any flat surface do? Painting plywood boards or mounted/stretched old linens for example would enable you to bring the finished piece to the school where it could be displayed for the rest of the term. With the woodworking equipment at Tau it wouldn’t be hard to make good sturdy frames.

Then you can still have the whole workshop take place outside by FT with everything that that entails.

I think a B&W theme could be interesting combined with working with visual illusions. Starting with an intro of what principles lies behind visual illusions. Maybe you can find some researcher to come and give a lecture?
The students can then either try to copy/recreate a famous visual illusion or attempt to create their own.

Gradients could be another theme. It would be suitable for the fences for example given their verticality. I plan on painting the fence by the street in a “sun” gradient taken from the nearby mural by En Boll at Södra hamnvägen 3 (so as to connect the two).

Saw this now!

I’d be into optical illusions, and could probably find someone to do a small talk on this - or I could do it. I have a big book of optical illusions :smiley:

This would be fun I think!

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Also note that the section of the fence next to the container side painted by Amandah and Johanna is planned to be painted by them in a continuation of the same color pallet.


Yeah, might leave it be - less risk, besides, it’s a fun Blivande activity.

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