Application season


In the coming weeks, we will be working on a lot of applications. I’m using this thread to keep track and to work out in the open in case people are available to help.

Our primary focus now is to get funding for Blivande as a whole, which would give us room to breathe and finally pay some salaries to the 24/7 core personnel of Blivande, and to secure funding for new investments and expansions.


For these applications, we have needed to write down what we have been doing since Blivande started and what our plan is for 2021.

Annual report 2019: Blivande-Annual-Report.pdf (11.0 MB)

Plan 2021: Blivande-Plan-2021.pdf (13.6 MB)

Accounting 2019: ÅR Blivande Idéer 559169-1455 2018-08-27 - 2019-12-31 utkast 20-07-28 med årsstämmoprotokoll print.pdf (152.0 KB)

Audit report 2019: Revisionsberättelse 2020.pdf (530.5 KB)


Our goal is to apply for all of the grants below.

[DONE] Verksamhetsstöd Region Stockholm
Deadline on Septemeber 1st.
Submitted! Read the application.

[DEADLINE PASSED] Verksamhetsbidrag till utställningsarrangörer inom bild- och formkonst, Kulturrådet

Note: This application would be for Gallery Frihamnstorget specifically
Deadline on September 17th
Not started. The deadline passed before we had time for this application.

[DONE] Utrustningsbidrag till kollektivverkstäder

Note: This application would be for investments in Tau equipment, tools, and machines. Here I would need help from people like @hampus, @Ollxor, @missChief, @elch, @MariaEuler, @Nicke, @NinaLindberg, @Simon, and others to specify what we are looking to invest in.
Deadline September 17th
[Submitted! Read the application.(

[DONE] Stöd till konstnärlig produktion och kulturarrangemang
Deadline on September 25th (for less than 400.000 SEK)
Submitted! Read the application.

[DONE] EESC Civil Solidarity Prize

Rewarding solidarity initiatives to tackle the Covid-19 emergency and its consequences in Europe

Submitted! Read the application.

[DONE] Kulturrådet: Bidrag till internationella nätverk]

An additional application for the network we applied for to Nordisk Kulturkontakt. This application is just some extra funding for Blivande to participate in the network.

Bidrag till internationella nätverk

Submitted! Read the application.

[DONE] Nordisk kulturkontakt: Nätverkstöd

Application with Institute for X and a new Icelandic initiative.
Deadline October 9th
Submitted! Read the application.

Projektstöd Region Stockholm

Note: This project application would be for the project of Frihamnstorget Summer season 2021 and all the amazing activities we are looking to co-create next year.
Deadline November 3d

Stockholms stad: Stöd till eget skapande, demokrati och folkbildning
“Är du en kulturförening som skapar och genomför olika kulturaktiviteter och arrangemang? Då kan du söka kulturstöd till eget skapande, demokrati och folkbildning.” - this is great for us, but might not be possible to apply for with Blivande as it is a company. I will check.
Deadline November 13th


This application is now submitted!
200826-Verksamhetsstod-Ansokan2-FD56.pdf (127.4 KB)


I would like to attempt an application for Idéburet Offentligt Partnerskap to Östermalms stadsdelsförvaltning. Cemile that works as a controller for Rinkeby-Kista has offered to assist me in doing so.

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looks amazing! Will contribute where I can, and try to manage finishing my 90% phd in the next 18 days… Side note - who’s in charge of proofreading? just saw one here in the Blivande 2021 plan - not sure how impt it is

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Ping @filipnystrom


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Since I won’t have more time to work on it tomorrow, this has now been turned in! Ansökan_KUR 2020_8963.pdf (563.1 KB)

Thanks to @AmandahAndersson, @Genevieve, @Suxen for listing equipments and writing texts and to @Malin for letting us know about it.

Next in line is that @filipnystrom and I are working on " Stöd till konstnärlig produktion och kulturarrangemang" which is due in 9 days.


I’ve kept working on the application, but we’re running out of time - only two days left and I also have other things I need to attend to :sweat_smile:

Current state of the application, with notes:
Ansökan om stöd till konstnärlig produktion och kulturarrangemang.pdf (833 KB)

@filipnystrom, would you have time today (Wednesday) to help me rewrite the summaries (3.4 and 3.5) to better match the new answer to 3.6

Also, have a look at the program for Always Becoming that I will attach: Blivande-Plan-2021 (dragged).pdf (66.1 KB)
Try to make the summaries describe that somehow?

Here are some of the projects referenced:
Vem ska bära våra städer på sin kropp?
Avantgrid: Joule de vivre
Unknown Cloud

Also, what the hell do they mean in 3.7 - how can we improve that answer?
@Ljubomir, is this something you know about?

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I’m sitting with it now. I got stuck on commenting on 3.6, feel free to take it seriously or not (it’s my pedantic language mind that had some thoughts that might not be too important.

Will update the document with new versions of 3.4 and 3.5.

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The google docs above is now updated with 3.4 and 3.5. I didn’t see a huge reason to change in 3.4 honestly, but please tell me if you think I’m wrong.

Regarding 3.7 - I think this might be a good place to talk about how we intend to work with Blivande and Frihamnstorget to change the public space, and create new openings for culture in the city, and how we create new rooms for co-creation both physically and digitally to involve people in the creation of culture and our own enterprise. To talk about social media presence doesn’t feel very forward or specific (everyone is doing that), but rather to talk about how we actively involve people who attend our events and who visits us.

@filipnystrom, could you check the application now in the Google document? I’ve probably made a bunch of mistakes, and would also need help with vetting the content.

Use the “suggest changes” function and just edit the document directly, instead of comments.


Checked it, and suggested changes. I think it looks quite good, overall.


This application has now been turned in! Thanks for the help @filipnystrom!

Ans_Programstod_6_1_2539_2020.pdf (120.5 KB)

We decided to differentiate the applications to Region Stockholm and Stockholms Stad in such a way that the application to Stockholms Stad is for a series of events and art projects in 2020 we call “Always Becoming”, which is basically an aggregate of the participatory art and culture events we have been planning and discussing for the last few months. On the other hand, the application to Region Stockholm is more geared towards our role as an experimental hub for participatory placemaking in Stockholm.

If you are keeping track, you might notice that the budget in the application to Region Stockholm and the budget in this application is different. This is because:

  • Region Stockholm had an earlier deadline and some things and assumptions changed in the meantime
  • In the application to Region Stockholm we assumed we would apply for more funding from Konstrådet
  • These applications structure their questions differently, and budget categories are not one to one
  • When we realized that we wanted to run the Always Becoming program, that affected the total budget plan

I’m making all of this clear since I actually included a link to this thread in the application as an example of our transparent and participatory way of working :sweat_smile:

Anyway, thanks all! I am continuing tomorrow with another application. This time for international network funding - both from Nordisk kulturkontakt and Kulturrådet.


In October, we will be writing a big application to another fund at Stockholms stad: Stöd till eget skapande, demokrati och folkbildning. We were encouraged to apply by the clerk I talked to when I attended their open house recently.


@hampus, you said you knew about some application for idéburet offentligt partnerskap?

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Yeah, I will contact Cemile next week and see if we can write something together. She has offered to do this before on several occasions.

What we need to adhere to:

Hey sweets,
@rogerb found this one:

It sounds interesting for the Node, I hope we can followup her and get some inspiration! :slight_smile:


This one is already on the list @DianaMO. Stockholms Stad recommended Blivande to apply, although we could also apply with Noden or Frihamnens Kulturförening.

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Läst planen! Ni är SÅ bra! Grymma! Älskar programmet o sammanställningen


OK, Hugi correct me when I am wrong, but does this criterium as a company not exclude Blivande: aktivitet eller verksamhet utan vinstsyfte.

It might be a language misunderstanding and if the clerk said so :smiley: When @rogerb posted it in the Noden group it read very much like tailored for the Node.

What do you think?

It really depends on how they frame it. A private company that is not publicly traded does not need have profit as its purpose, and we usually describe Blivande Idéer AB as a “not-for-profit company”. That we don’t make a profit is a matter of public record, after all. And that we don’t distribute profits to shareholders can be seen from the annual financial report that we often need to supply to funding bodies. Stockholms Stad haven’t finalized the requirements yet, but when they do it will become clearer what sorts of organizations are applicable.

Let’s sit down and talk about where this application fits! As I wrote before, it might very well be good to have the Node send this in instead of Blivande. We have some time to figure that out. I just wanted you to be aware that I’ve already started working on this application. Having both organizations apply for the same grant is probably confusing.

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