Application for "Stöd till eget skapande, demokrati och folkbildning"

Hello Noden!

It is officially Application season in and around Blivande.

Noden will apply for financial support of "Stöd till eget skapande, demokrati och folkbildning".

There is already a lot of material available in form of text and pictures from previous applications Blivande composed that we can use to get inspired (Application season). This grand is very suitable for Noden as it especially adressees not-for profit organisations and cultural democratically co-created spaces. This is US.

We are starting the process of writing it NOW and want to open up the possibility of getting inspired by suggestions coming from the community in the spirit of co-creation and participation.

We were thinking of applying for projects encompassing collaborations between Noden, Frihamnstorget and Blivande. We are an eco-system and there is a lot of projects that would benefit us all.

This is an invitation to come with your ideas on what we could apply for that would benefit Noden and the greater eco-system.

  • What equipment is missing?

  • Are there any projects in your mind we could do in collaboration with Frihamnstorget or Blivande?

  • Is there something we need in the spaces to do certain events or workshops?

Check out the already sent in applications (Application season) and the requirements if you want to know more, otherwise write down some ideas and the group writing the grant will if they fit the grant and can be implemented.

Let’s do this!


Great stuff, Diana!

Thanks for spearheading this.

One thing that I think could benefit Noden greatly is to invest in a number of so called “backjacks”:


Another one would be to speed up the process of making the DJ booth raisable into the ceiling. That would free up a lot of floor space for workshops in the Techno Temple.

I know good people in Latvia that have made very nice such DJ booths before, controlled by electric winch. We also have people inhouse that could make a good job as well I think given the right budget (20-25 KSEK maybe).

I think some of the long-standing workshops like Jape’s drum workshop and Free flow deserves a boost in terms of new equipment to make them even better.