Application: Ansökan om stöd till eget skapande, demokrati och folkbildning

Hi everyone!

We’re currently working on a Noden application for a Kulturstöd from Stockholm stad called “Stöd till eget skapande, demokrati och folkbildning” with a deadline next Friday. You can read more about the actual funding and who can apply for it here.

The application is very much a work in progress still, and we haven’t come that far (I’m not stressed at all though, we’ll make it happen in time). But if people feel inclined, I’d like to invite for co-creation and transparency. So here’s the google docs I’m currently working in, with the biggest question of the application. To not make it completely chaotic, I would suggest that you comment if you have suggestions, thoughts, or whatever, so that we’re not 300 people writing at the same time. Cool?

There’s a specific issue I’m having when trying to formulate the application, and it would be great with some input.

  • What are we applying for (i e what do we say that we will do with the money). It won’t fly to just say that we’re doing great things and need funding to keep doing it. We need to apply for something more specific, and have a reason for applying for funding now, while we haven’t needed it before. Are we applying for a specific event? Are we applying for a program to further expand our activities? Are we strenghening our infrastructure? Etc. We probably won’t have to use the money in this exact purpose in the end, but I think we have a bigger chance of getting it if we have a concrete direction.

Diana is also currently making a great program or activity plan that we will attach to the application.

Feel free to comment in the document and/or here!

Ping @DianaMO @Garman @Misscirkus @matildakongshoj @maria.eckerberg @rogerb @Joannis-Magnus @ubbesen @hugi @SimianSon etc.

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I am going to attach the activity plan that comes already with some ideas, and might inspire more. There is also this thread, where Hampus has dropped some ideas earlier.


@filipnystrom I formulated the purpose right now in English for the use for the application (not binding to the bylaws as following)

“Noden has the purpose to promote our member’s and
public interest in participatory culture in alignment or
inspired by the organisation’s values.”

Then this text:

Noden was created five years ago out of a facebook-group. Today, the organisation has morphed into something else than expected with implicit principles and values. Right now, a crew is working on changing the purpose of Noden in the bylaws making the implicit explicit. This work-group is additionally formulating principles to set intentions to the communites interactions. These are not to be set in stone but can and will change, grow and morph with the community in time.

I am going to upload the documents we need to for the application here.

Ideella föreningar ska:

  1. vara registrerade med organisationsnummer :white_check_mark:
  2. bifoga föreningens bylaws :white_check_mark:
  3. bifoga signerat senaste årsmötesprotokoll med styrelsens medlemmar :white_check_mark:
  4. bifoga signerat senaste årsbokslut
  5. bifoga kopia på firmatecknares legitimation :white_check_mark:
  6. om andra ska arvoderas eller ges förmåner inom aktiviteten/verksamheten ska den ideella föreningen vara registrerad som arbetsgivare.

  2. Syntheist-Node-Annual-Meeting-2020-Minutes-signed-by-CU-HL-DB-KN.pdf (210.0 KB)

  3. (see point 2. (two in one))

  4. We do not have an årsbokslut but we have a power point presentation, that could be signed and all these bank statements and this one is possibly the one we need? Resultatrapport_802502-0531_202001…0201031.pdf

  5. JP is going to send me a picture of his ID

  6. Don’t think this is relevant for us

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For anyone who’s interested, there’s a more complete draft ready now. Feel free to comment (same link as above).

Here is the final version of the Noden Activity Plan 2021!

Noden Activity Plan 2021.pdf (5.7 MB)