Anna's fixed desk in the Mounting Room (and fixed desks in general)

@asapienza is the first Blivande member to have a fixed desk at Tau (outside of the unfortunately very limited artist-in-residence program). For this privilege she pays an added premium. The seat itself consists of a small white desk usually covered with newspapers where she’s currently working on a project involving handmade ceramic tiles.

The novelty of this combined with the lack of physical signs and other types of communication (@hugi and I bear most of the responsibility for that sitting on the information in this case) caused some confusion a while back when her things were suddenly and unknowingly moved around and stowed away by another member.

This is all cleared up by now so the point of this thread is simply to inform anyone who might not be aware yet that this possibility exist and to be careful not to infringe on personal fixed desks without first acquiring the consent of its owner. There will likely be more fixed desks at Tau in the future and we should probably think of some way to mark them as such so that it’s clear also to visitors how it works.