Allowing for more file types?

Missing a “Discourse about Discourse”-forum… Maybe I’m too tired to find it.
Anyway, it would be nice to be able to upload files like videos and PDFs easily. Any way to make that possible?

PDFs are allowed for the Edgeryders forum. Could we allow them here too @matthias? I have looked through the settings but not found anything so far.

Videos are better to upload on YouTube or Vimeo and embed in your post. We don’t want to burden the servers too much with large file sizes.

It’s in the Discourse settings under “authorized extensions”. I added pdf and html as files accepted as uploads now, and also adapted the “max attachment size kb” setting to 8 MiB now.

You’re looking for


I of course understand the reasoning behind it but in practice it means I (and I suspect most others) will never upload a short video here. Like the nice little timelapse I made of me and David putting in the floor in the container the other day.
It’s not worth the effort of first uploading to Youtube or Vimeo.

I was thinking something along the line of having a very limited file size for videos/gifs. And/or automated deletion of them (if that isn’t too much of a hassle to create) after a certain amount of time to protect the servers and minimize backup sizes.

But yeah, I understand it’s not exactly top priority. Would be a nice feature though.