Akademi update - meeting summary and questions


The Akademi is taking shape!

On the 25th of November we had the first facilitator meeting. In attendance: @Niki, @MariaEuler, @HaraAlonso, @elch, @Emanu, @erik_lonroth, @Alex.Colard, @Louisf

The meeting was very nice and reassuring. Many of our potential facilitators can look back on extensive experience in teaching.

We presented the facilities at Blivande and the Akademie vision (you can find the presentation here).

Afterwards, we had a question round for the facilitators. Many questions could be answered directly, how ever some remain that we have to address here (ping @hugi):

Questions that were raised that need more information:

Moms and Redovisining:

  • What moms applies to the courses?
  • What moms applies for material to be used during the workshop? Should material costs be handled through the same system as the tickets or should it be for example in cash during the workshop via swish?
  • Where will the courses show up in redovisning? Blivande or the facilitators? Are we just processing the payment or paying out the fee as a “salary” or similar?


  • How about getting a Adobe subscription that could be used during courses or by people in the house?
    • Could we qualify for the educational subscription for the Akademi?
    • How keys can be used at the same time?
    • Should we add a computer in the electronics room as a basis?

Tools and Material

Tools that are bought for a course but to stay “in the house” to enrich everyone.

  • Concrete example: do we want to have a few sets of hand carving sets from/for the woodcarving course?
    • Facilitators who want that need to make a post about that on the forum, explaining what they want to get and why and discuss it with the community and team. (ping @Louisf)

Finally Alexander and Hara presented their workshop ideas with great success.

The following discussion led to these points we want to bring to the attention of every facilitator:

  • Think about “who” your workshop is for. (Age, qualification, etc.) And mention that in your description.
  • If you have multiple ideas, please make multiple dreams
  • Mention how often you want to run that workshop
  • If you can not finish a dream right now, set up one with a short description and title and a note when you will come back to it, so we can take it into consideration when planning for the next term already as we want to shape outreach plans accordingly. Set up your dream here: https://dreams.blivande.com/blivande-academy

If you are a potential facilitator and feel like you would like to participate in a similar call but could not make it this time, please comment below.

If you are a facilitator who already set up a dream, we will make the first review this week and send you potential feedback and questions in the next few days.

Thank you very much


Ping @hanakin

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If Blivande is selling the course, it’s 25%. If Frihamnens Kulturförening is selling the course, it’s 0%. However, Frihamnens Kulturförening doesn’t have a bank account yet. I would recommend getting a bank account for the association for that purpose.

Again, depends on who is selling. I think it’s probably easier for the teachers if this is also handled via the online system.

If courses are sold through Blivande, we can handle all the accounts and bookkeeping and payouts to the teachers. We have accountants to help us with that.

I propose that we do the first courses through Blivande because it’s easy, but we should do it through the association ASAP since that will mean courses are 25% cheaper.

Research the alternatives and get back to me with a budget. :slight_smile:

I think this needs to be decided case by case, and the teachers need to give us a budget for what it would cost and where to buy it.

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Some info under “utbildning” https://www.skatteverket.se/foretagorganisationer/moms/saljavarorochtjanster/momspavarorochtjanster.4.58d555751259e4d66168000409.html

Yes, but we are not applicable for this:

Det är momsfritt med

  • grund-, gymnasie- och högskoleutbildning
  • vissa andra utbildningar som ger rätt till studiestöd enligt studiestödslagen
  • studiecirklar som ges av studieförbunden
  • varor och tjänster som tillhandahĂĄlls som ett led i utbildningen.

However, since Frihamnens Kulturförening is an “Allmännyttig Ideell Förening” we are tax-exempt and don’t have to charge VAT when selling through the association - whatever we sell. This, however, requires getting a bank account for the association - and I’m not sure if @SofiaAnner got started on that yet.

Getting the account is in progress.

I would think it would not work like that but please correct me if I’m wrong as this is not my area of expertise.
My thoughts:

  • Any materials bought (even if bought by the association) will be bought with 25% VAT added by the selling company (exception would be if we buy from another association but that’s rare and unlikely).

  • The 25% VAT expense will have to be covered somehow. In the case of Blivande either by adding the same 25% when reselling the material to the association or directly to the course participants. Alternatively “cancelled out” with outgoing VAT from other Blivande activities (like ticket sales for courses or even activities unrelated to Blivande Academy assuming we have a quarterly surplus of it in the incoming vs outgoing balance).

If I’m correct about the previous thing then the cost of the 25 % VAT for materials purchased would have to be covered by the final price to participants (i.e even if sold without VAT per se).

Associations are just like private individuals in that sense. The “including VAT” price is what we actually pay (and will want to resell it for assuming there has been no reduction in value from the time of purchase).

Correct, the VAT would have to be covered by the price when materials were sold by the association, but not added on as VAT. In this case, the association is just like a private person - when I swish someone for buying a pizza for me, the VAT isn’t even discussed as this just a part of the price and not deductible.

As such, it is true that for workshops where a big part of the costs are materials, there would be less of a difference in price between running the workshop through Blivande and through the association.

super, thanks!


Hey all! I am a little late to join the party and am wondering if I can help in any way. Would be interested in hosting workshops in music or tech stuff - I’m a UX / web designer, singer and drummer. Do you have any meetings coming up soon? :slight_smile: