Afterglow - arrange through Noden?

Im set to be lead for Afterglow 2020 in november. It will be small, around 75 people.
Hugi mensioned that it could be good that it were to be arranged “through Noden” so to speak.

What would this mean? Ecnomically, insurance-wise?

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Erik Hellström


Thanks, @Erik_H!
Just to fill in some info;
Afterglow has traditionally been organized formally by Noden, and it has also been a fundraiser of sorts for Noden. @ubbesen should have the numbers on exactly how much Afterglow has contributed with.

I wrote in the Facebook thread that since Afterglow has usually been a Noden-related thing, this new iteration of Afterglow should at least check in with Noden about it.

Ping @DianaMO, @ubbesen, @SimianSon
Also @filipnystrom and @matildakongshoj since you have been involved with Afterglow.

The financial contribution to the Node have been up to 50 ksek for a fully booked event with 200 participants. I think last year it was around that sum for both afterglow and ascension combined.

Here some info in AG from Hampus, think it is good to have the backgroudstory here:

The backstory to Afterglow was that I had been thinking and talking about creating a small burn at TT ever since Frallan and the others moved there from our old farm collective in Gothenburg. In 2015 the time was ripe but I was a bit hesitant to take on another event after having organized both Borderland in general and creating a new theme camp there (QQQ) at the same time earlier in the summer. So in August of 2015 Afterglow didn’t exist as more than as a loose idea and preliminary booking “a weekend sometime in October” between Frallan and myself. That’s when Willemijn volunteered to take the initiative and I gratefully agreed to help out mainly onsite (with plenty of gear from the then budding Node BTW). Later the same month she involved you and Göran and went there for a visit and the rest should be familiar to you.

The following year I created Ascension and took over and lead also the pre-event AG stuff until the handover a couple of years later. So Afterglow has been intimately connected to the Node since 2016 (and arguably from start given how much of the infrastructure that has always been transported back and forth).

Noden has taken upon itself the accounting/bookkeeping work from 2016 and has also been the main platform for selling tickets through its Moonclerk account. There’s a policy since several years that each Afterglow and Ascension event should strive to generate >30 KSEK in income to the Node (almost equivalent to a month’s upkeep today). In return the Node has always lent out its equipment free of charge to the event.

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If it happens this year it will be roughly 75 people. With rent and food there will not be a big surplus in the budget. So any fixed sum may be hard to set.
What about that the surplus, if any, will be donated to Noden?

We can also use burnertickets if the ticket system Noden uses is costly for such a small event.

What the surplus will be is going to be up to you, seeing that the budget of Afterglow usually breaks down to:

Rent + food + art grants + Noden fundraiser.

So whatever you set the art grant budget to decides what you have left.


If TT maintains a similar ticket price as earlier years the fundraising margin will be significantly smaller. This assuming TT doesn’t lower its price to compensate, which they very well could (and should) do.

I would bring this up with Frallan and suggest that you pay the same per participant as we have done previous years. The rent for the 200 person event has been around 60 000 so multiply that by 0.375 (200*0.375=75) and you get 22 500.

This is very much their off-season (there won’t be any other guests there anyway) and they very much enjoy having the events there.

I would also raise it to 100 rather than 75 but that’s just IMO. The only significant difference you will get in terms of risk for virus transmission will be around lunch and dinner time when everyone gathers at Kaffestugan. The difference of 25 people is small and if you combine it with other measures such as open windows with cross draft and/or eating at different set times rather than everyone at the same time (divide the participants in two groups with different wristbands or something) I don’t think having an extra 25 people there is a real problem at all.

Even with 200 participants a lot of the places and rooms are often more or less empty. The bottlenecks that exist will exist also with 75 people and you won’t get people to stop cuddling in tiny cottages and so on regardless.

Good luck and thanks for being a torchbearer for the event!


Using Burnertickets will likely be more expensive than Noden’s Moonclerk account. Another option is for Noden to use their Stripe acount and connect it to Blivande’s ticket system running Pretix. Then you get the same system used by Borderland. Arguably much better than Burnertickets dated system. Then you simply have TT invoice Noden after the event and you use the Noden debit card to buy groceries if needed. Ideally take as many costs as you can on invoice (have Gustaf Söderfelt buy the groceries through his company etc).


The proposed rent by Frallan is 35k.
I will probably stay at 75 people for various reasons at this point.
If normal donation to Noden for both AG and Ascension is 50k, that makes it 25k per event.
And since we have roughly 1/3 of the people (and thereby budget) would 8-10k donation to Noden be reasonable this year?


The donation size have varied between 25-50 KSEK per event. I’ll defer to the Noden board to give you an actual answer but I personally think it’s fair what you’re suggesting.