Adding stuff to Blivande House


I have a few ideas of things I think would be nice additions to the Blivande House. For instance: in Middle Earth, I would like to hang some sort of bulletin board (similar to one I’ve seen at Ekskäret Klustret) and a clothing rack for a permanent clothes swap thingy.

I’ve been doing some reading/thinking about the 10 principles and am inspired to simply “get shit done”. :blush: But I want to double check if I needs someone’s permission for adding stuff to the house. Do I? Or should I start a poll/discussion to see if other people share my views on what is fun/useful?

Loving regards,
Maria Eckerberg

Thank you for your initiative Maria! Indeed, there needs to be some dialogue around the improvements we make in the house, since it’s used by so many people for so many different purposes.

Indeed a bulletin board is something we need in the house. One option for putting up notes and messages is on the wall in the entrance where the shoes are. Another could indeed be middles earth. Do you have a suggestion for which wall you think it could go up on and how big it should be?

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Yes, the wall by the shoes is another good option for a bulletin board! I will do some thinking/planning/sketching next time I visit the house.

As far as the clothing rack goes - I personally think this it’s a super fun thing and I recently saw (and got much pleasure from) such an initiative at a co-working space. What would, in your opinion, be the best way to discuss the interest in such an addition to the house?

Do you mean like a wardrobe where people can borrow clothes?

“Public wardrobes” can probably be done in many different ways. What I had in mind is a clothing rack where you donate clothes you no longer use, and everyone is allowed to take the same number of items as they donate. So donating/taking, no need to bring it back again. I would donate some stuff to get it started + create a cute informatory sign. :slight_smile: I’ve seen this in various places, most recently at Mindpark co-working space in Helsingborg and I had so much fun with it!


Hey Maria!

First off thank you for the initiative and will to contribute to the house!

Clothes swap rack

A permanent clothing rack in the Middle room/Pillar room wouldn’t really work for a couple of different reasons. But it’s very possible to make something happen in the already dedicated wardrobe. You could for example mark a segment of the wardrobe with some black tape or the like and make a nice framed sign describing the rules and conditions.

I will say though that this will likely not be a completely maintenance free project as we already have an issue with forgotten clothes remaining in the wardrobe indefinitely. When we had a dedicated Lost and Found-chest at the Node it was constantly full and very rarely did people come back for their stuff (when it’s genuinely valuable they call the next day and then pick it up very shortly afterwards). Basically it means clutter and more work for someone in the end, and that someone usually ends up being me or Joannis. If the clothes swapping rack has some minimum threshold in terms of quality of the items then that could be a different story of course!

If you want to do this it would require a commitment from your part when it comes to regularly clearing out and removing clothes that doesn’t find a new owner with some time decided upon time frame. We will also need to have a good way of removing these clothes for weekends when we rent out the spaces to big events as we then need 100% of the wardrobe free (once corona event restrictions are lifted).

Have you considered doing this as a recurring event rather than a permanent passive installation? I think that could work much better as you then get a much bigger variety to choose from and those events tend to be very popular. It also adds a social aspects of course and would bring more people to the house and the Node.

Bulletin board

What size are you thinking of here? Have seen the bulletin board that we already have in the entrance hall where you take off your shoes? It hasn’t seen that much use yet so I’m not convinced that there is a big need for this overall. How is it used at Klustret and who keeps it updated (removing old event invites and so on)?

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