A Logo for Frihamnstorget

We need a logo! who is up for proposing new ideas or developing the suggested ones?


I love the 3D one on the left and the hanging one - very fun and visual, can be simplified easily- imo the bottom one is a bit too much like a artsy architecture firm/logo doesnt say so much about “us”, right/middle isnt’ easily readable. I know you guys liked the words that were partially cut off that are on the containers - do you want to stick with that as well?

Id say the Carme

3d is fun, i imagine it could be pimped with some extra fesival elements around,
the 3 words relate to the place as a combination of different projects that become the whole.
the cable triangle is resembling the Blivande triangle and the hook is captain hook, since we are sort of pirates on a bay. Frihamnen was also the Freeport tax free area in the past.

I say do the one you feel inspired to do, it will come out better if you feel you can make into a more sophisticated idea.

Hi dear, how are you doing with this baby? we will need a logo soon to be able to design the festival poster.
do you think you can manage?


Hej love - Ah I wasn’t aware it was needed immediately! Can work on tomorrow :smiley:

how do we feel about fonts? I personally like the second one (century gothic)
Here’s the drive if you feel like playing too! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GWoJD3NUNL8HyZ2etltNJSM7vZqLl_6p?usp=sharing

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we architects love century gothic, Helvetica is always a safe bet.
good job!
this is immediacy!
let’s see what others think

my two cents:

  • I’d simplify the hook, so that it it can be more easily understood as a tower. Imo it needs a bit of silliness and s quite serious at the moment (even though the splitting of words does help). The idea of the tower + hook I think is fun (don’t know if that was intended). But - more of the tower vibe.

  • Would be great if the logo could be explored as being built upon. Right now the 2d allows us to continue building the square - great - the 3d version doesn’t allow us to add to it. To me, it is clearly the weaker of the two.

  • I’d absolutely leave more space for the type to be easily readable, right now it’s heavily squeezed.


On another note, please check out Figma. It would be cool to just jump into this document without the Illustrator requirements.

(and good work!)


Downloaded a few chunkier fonts from a graphic designer friend. I think those are pretty rad, but that’s just me. Hear you @jonasjohansson on the hook, easy peasy. can try a version with colors as well for added sillyness, this is just general skeleton.

Figma is cool! Nice, never heard of it will check it out. Didn’t know there were others who wanted to co-create!

this font works the best, easy to read from far, fun but serious enough,
the slight angle of the whole gives a feeling of action and work in progress.
the explicit hook makes me think of Captain hook, perfect for the pirate bay.

I kinda like it, but it makes me think “Bauhaus” and no the artschool but the tool shop.

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maybe the colors will make it look more artsy
@annielocke how is it going with the color version?

have some color!


or maybe something two tone?


with colour, the not so bold font is better.


Still think it should be a tower and less of a hook but voting for this one :slight_smile:

26 (colors got a bit weird but the one you just posted ALS

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Hey can you share me your Illu-file?


  • include the types you are using (you can just package the file I think) or tell me which types it is - i have a bank.

For anyone who wants: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GWoJD3NUNL8HyZ2etltNJSM7vZqLl_6p?usp=sharing

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Festival poster is being worked on at the moment, myself and @annielocke are chatting about it, trying out a few things hopefully will have something to show soon