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Tau is an art- and maker-space and community-space to foster creativity in an intimate and supportive environment, driven by the ethos of participatory culture.

Studio Tau is a curated space for members and their occasional guests. Tau is largely run by its members, together with Blivande. Your first step towards becoming a member is introducing yourself and getting to know the community:

  • Why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself in a post here in our forum?
  • What do you want to create?

Once we’ve had a conversation and gotten to know each other, you’ll likely be invited to become a member. You can then go sign up for a membership, for 800 SEK per month, paid quarterly. Message @hampus to get a tour of Tau and what we have to offer, or send him an email at hampus@blivande.com or comment directly here bellow in this thread :).

There are also a limited number of fixed desks and rooms at Tau for our resident artists. Let us know if that is what you are looking for, and we can let you know if there are any openings available. You can message @hampus here on the forum.

Artists need space, the right tools and the right people.

Become a part of TAU at house Blivande and find all of it.

The tools we have:

  • Wood Workshop

  • Powertools

  • A big adaptable project and construction space

  • Great natural light painting and crafting rooms

  • Textile studio

  • Well equipped electronic studio

  • After request:

  • Laser cutter

  • Metall Workshop with welding gear

  • Handheld CNC (Shapertool)

  • Static CNC

  • Photo studio

The people around:

  • A burning man temple Architekt

  • A collective creativity software developer

  • A fantastic fantasy photographer

  • Many crazy container artists

  • A magnetic sculpturerer

  • A light painter and programmer

  • Many More

  • Secret Experience Artists

  • Gardening Welder

  • Poetic Plumber

  • Electronic Wizzards

  • You!

The numbers:

800/month for membership

2500/month for a fixed desk space

Other artists recency models are possible but have to be negotiated case by case.

Most importantly: There is always an interesting person to meet, talk to or do a project with!

After moving to Sweden Blivande and TAU gave me and my electromagnetic sculptures a new home where I could continue to explore the best way to use art and technology to make people’s ears vibrate through magnetic jewellery how to attach fake hands to peoples minds and much more.

There is always someone around to test something out give feedback or with whom to join forces.
The tools are of course also essential for my work, but to connect to the people here and to find projects opportunities and in turn give back has been the most important

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New members are always great! especially in theses stormy times!

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