1. Co-work

Our participatory workspace Studio Beta is an office at the heart of a community. We welcome new members to join us. We are located at Södra Hamnvägen 9 (see map), close to Gärdet.

Get in touch! Either by a post in the forum, in an email to hugi@blivande.com or by making an appointment with @hugi and dropping by the house. We’re looking to create a good and diverse community.

You can register your company here and get your mail to House Blivande. Enjoy the coffee and wifi. Explore our workshop spaces and improve your woodworking skills, do some sowing or build something electric. Come and go as you please. Bring your guests and clients whenever you want - you are a part of a community now.


Flexible desk at Beta

A flexible membership grants you freedom and a change of scenery. Spend one day in the comfortable multicoloured couches in our sky-blue room listening to vinyl records. Spend the next at a desk in our oasis of plants. Another day on the couch in the inspiring curiosity cabinet. House Blivande is your 1000 m2 oyster, for you to explore!

More than 20 desks and lots of inspiring rooms to choose from.
Membership to Tau maker space and art workshop included.
Costs 2500 SEK per month, excl VAT.

Fixed desk at Beta

A fixed membership grants you dominion of a desk, your own flat kingdom of adjustable height. Upon your stately desk, you have your very own 27-inch display, courtesy of House Blivande. This is your desk, but when you feel like exploring, you are just as welcome to roam around as the next person. Comfortable couches and curiosity cabinets await you, and your stuff will be just as you left it once you return.

Your own glorious electric adjustable desk and 27-inch monitor.
Membership to Tau maker-space and art workshop included.
Costs 3900 SEK per month, excl VAT.

Access to Studio Tau

Studio Tau is a 300 square meter arts workshop and maker space. Whether you are are a full-time artist who also needs an office space for administration or a full-time programmer with a passion for woodworking, Studio Beta offers possibilities that no other co-working space comes close to. As a bonus, you also have access to The Node, the largest space for participatory culture in Scandinavia.

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