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Blivande Community

Blivande is a place for participatory culture and organizations in Frihamnen, Stockholm. Our forum is where we discuss and plan together.



Frihamnstorget is a colorful container village outside of House Blivande, open to your initiative. Our forum is where we make and document decisions.



Noden is a community and association with a wide variety of co-created and non-profit workshops and events under the roof of Blivande.



Plato is a project by Blivande, SenseStack, Edgeryders, and Stockholm University to develop tools for participatory placemaking.


Blivande Akademi

Blivande Akademi is a creative education format hosted by House Blivande.

We give access to:

  • Great, experienced, creative and unconventional course leaders
  • Rooms and facilities for creation and education
  • A unique community learning and developing together

In this forum you can find:

  • Updates on Blivande Akademi
  • The Akademi Programm
  • Individual posts for the different workshops where you can ask find details, ask questions and register your interest.

If you would like to become a course leader a Blivande Akademi please add your workshop/course idea here:


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